Violence against women: what results for Algeria in 2022?

Every year, our country has many cases of violence against women. This scourge takes on worrying and disproportionate proportions on a global scale and includes all the moral, physical, sexual or even psychological violence perpetrated against the female sex. But what about the figures in Algeria for the year 2022?

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, coinciding with November 25, the Commissioner of Police, Head of the Central Office for the Protection of Vulnerable Persons within the director of the judicial police, Yasmine Khouas, shared the results recorded in our country in 2022.

Indeed, she revealed that “the National Security services have identified more than 9,000 cases of violence against women during the first nine (9) months of the current year, including 4,627 cases in the family environment and 4,616 others. outside the family home”.

Violence against women: a declining toll

According to the same official, “these figures indicate that the assessment of violence against women in Algeria for the year 2022 recorded a drop compared to the same period of the year 2021, which had identified 5,646 cases of violence in the family environment and 5,412 cases outside the home”.

In addition, the police commissioner, head of the brigade responsible for the protection of vulnerable persons at the Security of the wilaya of Boumerdès, Chergui Zahra, also addressed the issue during a meeting organized by the National Council for Human Rights. Male (CNDH).

Thus, she said that out of the total number of cases of violence against women, “the National Security services have recorded 3,405 cases of physical assault since last January, compared to 5,105 cases in 2021”. But also, “1,036 cases of ill-treatment against 1,462 cases last year, as well as 48 cases of sexual assault, against 71 during the year 2021”.

Violence against women in Algeria: what do the INSP figures reveal?

Moreover, it should be recalled that the National Institute of Public Health (INSP) had published a report, revealing the results of a survey carried out in five wilayas of the country, namely Algiers, Oran, El Oued, Médéa and Blida . And this, on no less than 3,647 women.

Figures from the INSP report showed that “big cities had a higher rate of violence against women. With 60% in Algiers, 27% in Oran, 6% in Blida and respectively 4 and 3% in Médéa and El Oued”.

In addition, the investigation had revealed that “the average age of the victims was around 35 years old”, with “the predominance of the bracket between 25 and 34”. Regarding the marital status and level of education of these women; the report had indicated that “61% of them were married, 21% single, 5% divorced and 3% widowed”. And that “22% of abused women had an average level, 20% a secondary level, 13% a university level, 10% a primary level and 8% had no education”.

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