Virgin Galactic: the first winner has been drawn for a free trip to space

Richard Branson has come in person to share the good news with the winner who is offered two seats for a flight in space.

Virgin Galactic and its CEO Richard Branson made history in space tourism by performing a space flight aboard the VSS Unity spacecraft. Although this feat could have gone very badly, the billionaire returned safe and sound on Earth thus beating the pawn to Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin.

competition winner
Here is the big winner of the contest. Credit: Virgin Galactic

The space tourism business is therefore launched, but unfortunately far from being accessible to everyone. Indeed, to afford a flight with Virgin Galactic, the space tourist must pay $ 450,000. An astronomical sum for the average person to spend a few minutes in zero gravity.

Space for Humanity: making space accessible

To publicize his company, Richard Branson decided to organize a competition in order to win two free flights to the gates of space. If this kind of contest is rather common, the value of the reward is much less since each winner will be able to bring the person of his choice.

Registration was free, but it was possible to make a donation to the Space for Humanity association in order to obtain additional chances. This association aims to make space flights more accessible. Virgin Galactic believes it has raised $ 1.7 million through this competition.

Richard Branson came in person

The winner of the competition is a sports coach named Keisha S. You can check out his joy when announcing his victory in the video below.. This aeronautics and space enthusiast intends to offer second place to her daughter, a young student in astrophysics.

A great experience to come that paves the way for popular space tourism. Even if it seems unlikely today to go to a reservation site to order a little trip in weightlessness, the machine is on.

After all, who would have imagined, a little over 40 years ago that a civilian could fly in space when humans had just set foot on the moon.

Source : engadget

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