Virgin River: Lauren Hammersley responds to criticism of Charmaine’s long pregnancy

The fans of Virgin River have never hidden their amazement at the chronology of the series and Charmaine’s pregnancy, which they find far too long to be credible. Actress Lauren Hammersley wanted to answer them, not without humor.

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The pregnancy of Charmaine, the hairdresser played by Lauren Hammersley, will always be in the plot of season 5 of the Netflix series, Virgin River, after she told Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) that he wasn’t the father of her twins in the season 4 finale. of her character, was also keen to poke fun at this particular plotline, given that fans will see her character’s pregnancy continue throughout the show’s fifth season. Indeed, although Virgin River aired since 2019, only a few months seem to have passed in the plot of these last four seasons. However, many things happened during this period, from the romance between Mel Monroe and Jack, which went from flirting in a bar to an engagement, to the announcement of the pregnancy of Charmaine, who has still not given birth. Photos from the end of filming for season 5 of Virgin River started circulating on social media and fans were quite disappointed when they saw them.

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Virgin River: Charmaine still pregnant during season 5?

Lauren Hammersley posted a photo on Instagram of her playing her character, still pregnant, and wrote in the caption, not without humor: “IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD! It’s my fifth year of pregnancy and I don’t know what everyone is complaining about.” If the fans of the series reacted with humor, it is also the case of Lexa Doig who plays Paige in Virgin River : “This baby will be 37 when born…” she joked. If the pregnancy of Charmaine is the subject of many criticisms among the fans, this plot is also very commented by the actors.

What to expect from the sequel Virgin River ?

Will Charmaine give birth, finally, during season 5 of Virgin River? The actress has not confirmed it, but the end of shooting photos suggest that the hairdresser will still be pregnant in these new episodes. Whether or not fans should wait until season six to see Charmaine’s twins is unclear, but another mystery must be solved: who the babies’ father is. Indeed, we do not know more about his name. Some fans think it’s Mike. Answer in a few months. Well, maybe…

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