Virginie Efira: in Eve’s outfit in her latest film, the underside of this intimate scene (VIDEO)

In theaters this Wednesday, September 21, Other people’s children highlights Virginie Efira and Roschdy Zem. On the eve of this cinema release, the actress was present on the set of C to you. The opportunity for her to evoke the intimate scene that she shot under the eyes of all.

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Iconic presenter of The New Star for several years, Virginie Efira really started to blossom when she gave up animation to focus on comedy. Since then, the actress has had a string of roles and successes. With his incredible performances in Le Grand Bain, Farewell idiots, Benedettaor Victoria and A tall man, the actress from Belgium has been nominated for best actress in various ceremonies such as the Césars. This Wednesday, September 21, Other people’s children, directed by Rebecca Zlotowski arrives in cinemas. Virginie Efira plays the role of Rachel and gives the reply to Roschdy Zem who responds to the name of Ali and with whom she begins an affair. Some time after the start of their story, the young woman meets Leila, her partner’s 4-year-old daughter, and tries to find her place in this blended family.

Virginie Efira returns to a particular scene from her latest film

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This Tuesday, September 20, the former TV host was passing through C to you alongside his co-star to present this feature film. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine drew her attention to a scene in which she “wiggles his soft parts“. An expression that makes the presenter laugh a lot. On this subject, Virginie Efira returns to the context, namely that she is in bed with her boyfriend, when suddenly they hear the latter’s daughter waking up . “I feel that she’s going to come into the room, I can’t impose that on her. So I try to leave“, she says while her only possibility of escaping is through the balcony”in the simplest device.

I found it quite nice

It’s the first time I made a scene where everyone was laughing“, she declares before specifying:I found it rather pleasant“. To hide, the production had given him a “tiny thing“, but that wasn’t enough, since everyone who could see the filming from their windows got an eyeful.”We weren’t in a super production, in terms of money, it’s not as if we had been able to get rid of the gaze of all the windows around“, she says. Roschdy Zem adds that “the whole city was at the show. The latter also made fun of the scene by trapping her outside: “You took a long time to open the door for me. I felt there was a fun thing“, she swings at him before he teases her: There are moments like this that we want to make last“. Who loves well chatises as well !

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