Visas for Algerians: a massive refusal of requests to France

Leave the national territory to join the hexagon on the other side of the Mediterranean; or any other European country, represents the famous dream of young Algerians. Indeed, every year France records a large number of visa applications from Algeria.

Unfortunately, the reality is not always rosy. Because many are those who receive a categorical rejection, after a long visa application procedure to France. In 2021, nearly 31,955 rejections of visa applications made by Algerian applicants, reported the specialized site That is 80.5% of the total refusals from the Schengen countries. However, only 83,941 visa applications to France were accepted. These refusals come mainly from the French authorities in Algeria.

France remains the country issuing the most visas to Algerians

Indeed, despite the large number of rejections of Schengen visa applications from Algerians; this country remains the one that has given the most positive feedback. It thus occupies the first position with 44032 favorable opinions. Followed by Spain with 34,139 visas granted, Italy with 2,898 favorable responses and Switzerland with only 641 visas granted for Algerians in 2021.

According to the same source, such a number of rejections comes from the decision of the French government to grant months of visas for Algerian nationals. And this, following the refusal of Algeria to support those residing illegally on French territory. You should know that this decision does not only affect Algeria. Indeed, all the Maghreb countries are concerned. And this in a process of readmission of expelled of France.

It should be noted that Algeria granted, in 2021, more than 31 consular passes for 7731 OQTF (obligation to leave French territory). And this, only for the period from January to July of the same year.

However, this specialized site also returns to the hypothesis of the health context. In France, 1.17 out of 100 people have followed a complete vaccination program against Covid-19. One reason that prompted the authorities of this country to reduce the number of visas granted.

A high number of refusals for student visas for Canada

France is not alone to have refused massively the North Africans, especially the Algerians. Indeed, for students from African countries, namely Togo, Congo, Cameroon, Senegal, and Algeria, the IRCC awarded about 80% of rejections.

However, this high rate did not go unnoticed by the authorities concerned. Thus, a federal report questioning the candidate selection process was sent to the IRCC. Following an investigation that lasted more than two months, the federal immigration committee included in this report 35 recommendations to streamline the granting of visas for French-speaking African students.

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