Vivo announces that it will pass on ICMS reduction in full to its customers

Update (02/08/2022) – by DT

THE Alive confirmed, this Tuesday (2), that it will pass on fully for customers The reduction of the tax burden of Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) for the telecommunications sector.

According to website information telesynthesis, the operator stated that, as of this monthcustomers can now purchase or migrate to plans with the new commercial conditions, which will be expanded to the entire base in the shortest possible time.

The operator also said that it continues to monitor the accession of the remaining states to effect the downward shift in a systemic way. The issue of passing on the ICMS reduction has been generating discussions for days.

THE Hey stated that the its transfer takes place in the same period as the application of the readjustment of the plans, which is made annually according to economic indices linked to the services, as stated in the contracts between the operator and its customers.

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already the TIM said that there will be a transfer of the ICMS decrease to control and postpaid customers, while in the pre, there will be a bonus on the data allowance. Finally, the clear also previously announced that it will pass on the ICMS reduction to the customer.

Original text (29/06/2022)

Vivo should make plans cheaper in states that reduced ICMS

Vivo’s president, Christian Gebara, said that the operator will pass on to its customers the recent cut in ICMS decided by the governments of the states of São Paulo and Goiás.

We will fully reduce ICMS for our services. We are already adapting our systems and, as they allow, we will implement.

Citing the example of São Paulo, the executive told Telesíntese that the ICMS rate dropped from 25% to 18%, and the transfer of this drop will be initiated by the newer plans.

If I can’t do it on all the old plans, I’ll let customers migrate to the new plans.

In the state of Goiás, the tax fell from 29% to 17%.

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Gebara also said that Vivo should only reverse the transfer of the tax to tariffs if the Federal Supreme Court (STF) takes a decision against cutting the rates. This is because the governors filed an action to reverse the initiative of São Paulo and Goiás.

It would be much easier if all states decided in the same way, because we could promote national change, but each state has its own peculiarities.

In addition to the states of SP and GO, which reduced the tax on their own, Santa Catarina and the Federal District also had a cut in the ICMS rate after a lawsuit in the STF.

In any case, in all cases, the final decision is in the hands of the STF, since the court must decide whether the tax cut made by Congress is constitutional.

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