Vladimir Putin assures that Russia has no "nothing against" Ukraine’s EU membership

For the Russian president, Ukraine’s desire to enter economic unions is a “sovereign decision” of the country.

Russia has “nothing against” Ukraine’s possible membership of the European Union, Russian President Vladimir Putin assured on Friday after the European Commission’s decision to recommend granting kyiv candidate status for the European Union. EU.

“We have nothing against it, it is their sovereign decision to join economic unions or not (…) It is their business, the business of the Ukrainian people”, declared Vladimir Putin during the plenary session of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum (north-west).

“Ukraine will turn into a semi-colony”

Russia, which has been leading an offensive in Ukraine since February 24, takes a very dim view of kyiv’s aspirations to join NATO, which Moscow considers a threat to its security, but “with regard to their economic integration is their choice,” Vladimir Putin said.

“The EU is not a military alliance, unlike NATO,” he stressed.

The Russian president, however, said that “Ukraine will turn into a semi-colony” of Western countries if it joins the EU. “That’s my opinion,” he added.

Russia has launched a vast military offensive against Ukraine, in particular to put an end to its rapprochement with the West.

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