Vlasic aims at Canada: Croatia and Toro are hoping

The Croatian player, who came out at half-time in the match against Morocco, doesn’t seem to have suffered anything serious

The first match of the Croatia against Morocco at Qatar 2022, it ended in a goalless draw. Turin player Nikola Vlasic he started, even coming close to scoring and playing well, but at half-time due to a calf problem he was forced to stay in the dressing room, with Pasalic coming on in his place. Instrumental tests were carried out yesterday to better understand the extent of the injury.

Nothing serious for the playmaker

The injury, fortunately, does not appear to be serious at all. The tests that the 1996 class underwent ruled out injuries or various complications. The same coach Dalic he expressed himself like this: β€œHe has had his exams and it doesn’t seem like anything to worry about. He should train and we will evaluate him ”. He is therefore aiming for complete recovery for the next match, the one on Sunday November 27th at 17:00, against Canada. Canadians who lost on their debut 1-0 against Belgium, a very important match for Vlasic and his companions in view of the transfer of the tournament.

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