VMware: Workstation 17 appears with Windows 11 and Server 2022 support

VMware’s workstation 17 virtualization tool is generally available in a slimmed down Player and full Pro version. The big innovation in Workstation is the official integration of Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022. VMware has also released the Mac virtualization software Fusion 13.

With the new features in Workstation 17, including a virtual TPM 2.0, the manufacturer enables its users to set up virtual machines with Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 directly in VMware. In addition to the announced integration of the Microsoft operating systems, Workstation 17 will also support additional guest systems in the future – including Ubuntu in versions 22.04, 20.04 and 22.10 as well as RHEL 9 and Debian 11.5.

In addition offers Workstation 17 In addition to the full encryption of VMs, there is also a “Fast Encryption” function that is intended to increase the performance of VMs that use a virtual TPM. Also worth mentioning is the support for OpenGL 4.3 graphics in Linux and Windows machines, as well as the “Auto Start VMs” function, which allows virtual machines to be configured so that they start automatically when the computer boots.

Workstation 17 as a Pro version is now available Purchase from VMware’s online store currently available for around 188 euros. The provider also provides a free trial version. The player version, which has a smaller range of functions, costs 140 euros – there is no option to encrypt VMs, among other things. The provider lists in a overview all differences.

The two versions of Fusion 13, Pro and Player, are available on both Intel-based and, more recently, Apple Silicon Macs. Fusion runs the ARM version of Windows 11 on the Apple silicon models, since the computers with Apple’s chip no longer support the x86 version. An emulation feature built into Windows 11 to run applications designed for Intel and AMD should help users who want to run traditional Win32 and x64 applications on the new hardware.

The Fusion 13 installer file comes as a universal DMG for both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. The binary contains the installer application for both Intel Macs and the new Silicon chip models. Fusion 13 also comes with the “Fast Encryption” function and vTPM 2.0. The vTPM 2.0 device can be added to any virtual machine, although it was originally developed for Windows 11. As for graphics, OpenGL 4.3 is supported on Intel Macs in Windows and Linux VMs, on Apple Silicon in Linux VMs. Fusion 13 is also available in both variants – the prices are similar to Workstation 17 – ready to buy.

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