voice assistants vs. ChatGPT Which one is smarter?

Previously, the voice assistants They were a great wonder, as they answer various questions that were asked and perform some of our tasks such as being our alarms or controlling other smart devices.

The leading voice assistants were alexa of Amazon, siri of Manzana and Google Assistant of Google. And how does he tell us? infobaethese proved on many occasions to be very intelligent when answering quite complex questions.

However the Text-generating artificial intelligence ChatGPT proves superior to voice assistants that we mentioned above, since it is capable of encoding even a programming code and even creating summaries of various academic topics.

What is the name of the Google chatbot?

voice assistants vs.  ChatGPT Which one is smarter?

Google already has its own AI called Bard.

Faced with a losing battle of voice assistants, including Google Assistantthe company of Google he doesn’t plan to lose in the AI ​​war. Well already has its own intelligent chatbot called Bard.

Same as him ChatGPT, Bard is an artificial intelligence that uses natural language processing to communicate with users like a real person. He bases his answers on everything found in the search engine. Google.

We take the opportunity to show you in The Truth News that Google has already added its AI solution to Gmail and Google Docs.

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What is better Alexa or Google?

voice assistants vs.  ChatGPT Which one is smarter?

Alexa is the best-selling voice assistant.

Although they are less intelligent than the AI, the voice assistants They haven’t lost the battle yet. AND between Alexa and Google Assistant, it is revealed that Amazon sells for 65% more than other brands.

The Echo Dot (third generation) costs $999 pesos at Amazon and the Echo Alexa manages your smart home costs $2,4999 pesos at the same store.

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