Volkswagen has the most beloved cars of Brazilians and takes prize

Volkswagen has the most beloved cars of Brazilians and takes prize

The 6th edition of Canaltech Award it was a success. The award included new categories, including the Most Desired Automobile Brand, which defined the car most loved by Brazilians. And Volkswagen, one of the most traditional brands in the segment worldwide, took home the trophy.

The German automaker had 18.9% of the votes against 14.1% of Toyota, in second place, and 13.1% of Chevrolet, which completed the podium. Acceptance of the new category was evident in the total number of votes for the nomination: 130,454 people, out of a total of 148,298 voters, participated in the choice that crowned Volkswagen.

The victory in 2022, the debut year of the category in the awards, is even more significant, as it showed that the brand continues to beat strongly in the hearts of Brazilians, even with the retirement of two of the most iconic Volkswagen models in Brazil: the Gol and the Voyage.

Volkswagen’s victory x-ray

Volkswagen’s victory in the 6th edition of the Canaltech Award was undeniably won. The German automaker won the poll in all five regions of Brazil and was behind Toyota in only two of the six divisions by age group — between 45-54 and between 55-64 years —, regaining the lead among voters aged over 65 years.

This shows that the brand’s lineup in the country appeals so much to the younger public, consumers of cars such as the Up! and the Nivus (and looking forward to the arrival of the brand’s modern electric cars), as for the most experienced people, who had the chance to drive the Beetle, the Parati, the Passat and other cars that made history around here.

Not even the growing preference of part of the Brazilian market for SUVs, a specialty of brands such as Jeep, was able to disrupt Volkswagen’s performance. Represented by T-Cross and Nivus in the category, the German manufacturer received 18.9% votes against 7.4% of the rival, which has Compass, Renegade, Commander and other SUVS in its portfolio.

Now that you’re on top of the highlights in the category that elected Volkswagen as the most beloved car brand among Brazilians, check out all the winners of the 6th edition of the Canaltech Award. Just access the official award website and see who else took the trophy home in 2022.

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