Volvo EX30: the design of Volvo’s small electric SUV leaked

Volvo’s future compact SUV is gradually revealing its secrets. We paint a portrait of it for you.

Volvo has set very high goals for electrification. Even before the injunctions of the European Union, the Swedish manufacturer, owned by Chinese Geely, had undertaken to switch its range to all-electric before 2030. One of the key vehicles in this energy transition is the EX30 , a compact SUV scheduled for the second half of 2023. Our colleagues from Automobile Magazine have just got their hands on a first sketch of the vehicle and this foreshadows a slight change in style at Volvo.

What makes this EX30 strategic is obviously its positioning. Volvo’s next 100% electric vehicle will tackle the compact SUV segment, a field left vacant by the brand since the discontinuation of the V40 in 2019. The drawing published by our colleagues confirms that the EX30 is a derivative of the concept ” Recharge” presented in 2021. If the features are less sharp and the whole is more compact, the relationship between the two remains obvious.

Volvo’s Concept Recharge.

A cousin of the Smart?

If the design is revealed little by little, the technical sheet remains secret. Nevertheless, several elements allow you to get an idea of ​​what Volvo’s future SUV will have under the hood. This one, unlike the current C40 and XC40 Recharge, will be built on a platform dedicated to electric, the famous SEA. However, the latter has already given an overview of its capabilities since it was the basis for the new 100% electric Smart. Indeed, Mercedes, owner of Smart, has entrusted the realization of the model supposed to relaunch the brand to Geely. The 100% electric SUV resulting from this collaboration should be quite close to this “augmented” Smart.
With nevertheless a small nuance: Volvo wanting to be more upscale than the “low cost” brand of Mercedes, it will have to do better than a 272 hp engine and a 66 kWh battery (420 km of autonomy).

Finally, there is one last mystery about Volvo’s next compact SUV, its name. If logic would have wanted it to enter the catalog as XC20 or XC30, the marketing gurus on the Gothenburg side would have decided otherwise. Volvo has since filed the EX brand and everything suggests that it is under this new surname that the beast will be revealed, a priori this fall.

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