Vorarlberg: 40 percent of teachers work part-time

ÖVP state school board member and state governor Barbara Schöbi-Fink as a guest on “Vorarlberg LIVE”

ÖVP state school inspector and state governor Barbara Schöbi-Fink was a guest on “Vorarlberg LIVE” on Tuesday.

After the return of Governor Markus Wallner, Barbara Schöbi-Fink got rid of her multiple burdens and was relieved about it in the “Vorarlberg LIVE” conversation with Magdagelana Raos. “Although I haven’t had to neglect my core task in the last few months. It was vacation time at school.”

Shortage of teachers in small schools

She sees the recently raised topic of small schools, of which two (Wald a.Arlberg and Partenen) had to close due to a lack of teachers, as a very emotional matter for those affected. “However, the schools are not shut down and not closed,” she emphasized.

Of course, the teacher shortage runs through the entire school landscape. “But we have already achieved a lot through the school workplace project,” said Schöbi-Fink. It has been possible to win more teachers than ever before for the schools in Vorarlberg – 400 in total.

Schöbi-Fink doesn’t like the fact that 43 percent of all educators in Vorarlberg only work part-time, but she hopes that tax measures will create incentives so that more teachers are willing to take on more hours. However, the federal government and not the state is responsible for many areas in the school system; for example for training and payment.

Corona in schools

When it comes to Corona, the Vorarlberg State Councilor for Schools welcomes the regulations that are now in force. “As in other areas, teachers should also be allowed to teach in the event of an infection if they have no symptoms and of course wear a mask. Why should it be different at school than in other places?” asks the school district councillor. Improving the range of all-day care is another challenge for them.

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