VW ID.Aero: do you see a concept? We guess the future electric Passat

Volkswagen is about to present its first 100% electric sedan. First images have been released.

In the ID family, I ask… the Aero. After the numbered IDs (3,4,5) and the timeless Buzz, a new model is about to join Volkswagen’s electric catalog. On the eve of presenting its concept car, Volkswagen is unveiling some illustrations of its future luxury sedan. Indeed, the main particularity of the ID.Aero is its format. After having multiplied the electric SUVs and having made a detour on the side of the compacts, VW is attacking another segment still underrepresented among electric vehicles. The ID.Aero is not only the embodiment of this desire, it is quite simply the working basis of the future ID.6 or ID.7, the electric version of the current Passat.

Indeed, many thought the Passat was at an end since the group’s announcement to renew it only in station wagon version in 2023. But VW’s plans seem quite different, it is not a question of burying the emblematic sedan. , but to give it a second life, electric this time. More precise than the concept ID.Vizzionin 2018, the Aero is an assumed taste of this future Passat.

Big sedan, huge battery

If the lines seem quite futuristic and the style very assertive, the technical part may be without real surprise. Indeed, those who hoped for a Passat built on the group’s new standards, in other words the future PPE platform, will have to revise their expectations downwards. VW has already confirmed that the Aero would be based on the good old MEB platform, the one from which all recent electric vehicles from Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat are derived.
On the other hand, for this probable last model under MEB, Volkswagen intends to reach the limits of the platform. As a result, the ID.Aero could be offered in two versions (one or two motors) but above all with a huge 120 kWh battery, the largest to date on a production model. This choice could increase the autonomy to more than 700 km, even if the weight of the vehicle will increase accordingly.

Initially, this ID.Aero was to be unveiled at the Auto China 2022 show which was to take place in April, but which was postponed due to the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic. For its part, Volkswagen has chosen to advance the presentation to June 27 in order to respect a schedule that promises to be tight. Indeed, the German manufacturer hopes to market its electric sedan in China from the second half of 2023. As for the European launch, it will not take place until several months later. It therefore remains to be seen which name Volkswagen will choose for its sedan. ID.6 or 7 to respect a form of logic, ID.Aero for originality, or electric Passat for the beauty of the gesture? Answer in the next few days.

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