Wado’s support for the Larreta minister who dismissed Hebe with respect

The crack is so wide that any position on any issue generates insurmountable controversies. Points in common are as rare as good manners.

The logic of these times is like this, the algorithms of social networks value confrontation, the extreme position and the sharp opinion.

In turn, his fame transcended Kirchnerism and made him a victim and perpetrator of the system. But for some time he has been seeking to find a path of dialogue, understanding that only differences emerge from confrontation that can yield a lot in the elections but turn the period of government into a wild horse.

Wado de Pedro is one of the most prominent within the group that shows a friendlier image of the space, which is why his support for the gesture of the Minister of Social Development of the City of Buenos Aires when he said goodbye to Hebe de Bonafini.

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