Walkouts multiply at Stellantis to demand large increases

The CGT claims in particular a “general increase for all of 400 euros per month” as well as a purchasing power bonus of 6000 euros.

Several factories of the Stellantis group in France have been affected by strike movements since Friday to demand purchasing power measures, while a meeting on the subject is scheduled with management on Tuesday, September 27.

The first site to move was that of Hordain (North) where since Friday, “about 500 people”, or “150 workers per team”, are mobilized every day according to union sources.

“Production is paralyzed” in this factory which manufactures small utilities like the Peugeot Expert, says Jean-Pierre Mercier, union figure of the group who presents himself as the spokesperson for the CGT Stellantis.

The Douvrin engine plant (Pas-de-Calais) walked off the clutch for two hours on Saturday morning, again according to the CGT.

And Monday morning, it was in Valenciennes (North), in the gearbox factory, that around sixty workers stopped work.

The CGT claims a “general increase for all of 400 euros per month” as well as a purchasing power bonus of 6,000 euros.

8 billion euros in profits

The union has called for a strike on all of the group’s factories “because the discussion on wages with management is going to be an arm wrestle, we can ensure that mobilization rises, that’s the time to get started,” said Mr. Mercier.

The management invited all the trade union organizations to address the issue of purchasing power on 27 September.

“The results of the first half (8 billion euros in profit) should make it possible to grant all employees an exceptional bonus”, claimed the CFE-CGC in a press release.

In February, the mandatory annual negotiations (NAO) had resulted in an overall salary increase of 3.2%.

The unions had all refused to sign this agreement, judging the gesture insufficient in view of the company’s record results and despite the granting of a profit-sharing bonus of 4,300 euros on average.

Beyond wage issues, the subject of working conditions also fuels the anger of employees, says Frédéric Lemaytch, CFTC central union representative.

“When flexibility is pushed to its maximum it becomes difficult”, he underlines, denouncing the non-working days decided at the last minute because of supply problems.

A strike call was also launched for Tuesday morning at the Sochaux (Doubs) site, which manufactures the Peugeot 3008 and 5008 SUVs.

Asked by AFP, Stellantis implicitly acknowledged walkouts in the factories mentioned by union sources, without giving figures on the number of strikers.

Management recognizes that the last two years have been complicated for employees between the Covid-19 and the semiconductor crisis but “there was a commitment in June to make an appointment in September in order to open a meeting on wages, that’s what was done,” replied a spokeswoman for the group.

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