Wallner and Fischer confronted with questions

Governor Wallner and Lustenau Mayor confronted with questions

Governor Wallner and Lustenau Mayor confronted with questions

One day after the failed motion of no confidence against Governor Markus Wallner (ÖVP) in the Vorarlberg state parliament, the opposition is by no means silent.

At the state parliament level, the SPÖ and FPÖ made extensive inquiries to Wallner about his cell phone and tablet use on Thursday and the underlying business association affair is now also the first time that joint action has been taken at the municipal level.

Enlightenment required in Lustenau

In Lustenau, Austria’s largest market town with around 23,000 inhabitants, five of the six factions in the municipal council have decided to take an unusual step. On Friday they want to appear together in front of the press and demand clarification about the cash flows from the economic association to the ÖVP local group. The ÖVP, with Kurt Fischer, has only been the mayor in Lustenau since 2010 and it is the municipality to which – alongside the state ÖVP – by far the most money from the Vorarlberg Economic Association flowed. Since 2015 it has been 67,000 euros. Tricky for Fischer: His ÖVP does not have a majority in the municipal council with 17 out of 36 seats.

SPÖ inquiry about Wallner’s cell phone

The SPÖ first asked for clarification on another strand of the ÖVP affair on Thursday, followed a little later by the FPÖ. Governor Wallner also described the deletion of data on his work cell phone and tablet as untrue in the state parliament session on Wednesday.

“However, more questions were raised than answered,” according to the SPÖ. She asked a total of 15 detailed questions about the circumstances in a parliamentary question, and the FPÖ followed up with 7 questions. According to the rules of procedure, both questions must be answered within three weeks.

Wallner was silent on SMS and WhatsApp

Wallner had emphasized several times in the state parliament session that all calendar data and e-mails were still available. Despite calls in the debate, he had not responded to SMS and WhatsApp.

The fact that Wallner’s alleged request for the deletion of data was made when investigations by the WKStA were to be expected caused heated debates in the state parliament.

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