Walls: "Morales told me ‘brother, I want to score a goal to dedicate it to you’"

There is nothing left for Colo Colo and the U to animate the Superclásico 190 of Chilean football, a match that will be played from 4:30 p.m. in El Teniente de Rancagua on the 22nd date of the 2021 National Championship.

One who knew how to leave his mark in this kind of duel was Esteban Paredes, who with 16 goals with the Cacique shirt in the same number of classic players equaled the historic mark of the blue idol Carlos Campos.

The now forward from Coquimbo Unido analyzed what will be today’s duel between albos and azul in the O’Higgins Region, pointing out in conversation with La Tercera that “I am always concerned about the Superclásico. This game is special, despite the fact that the U has not beaten us for a long time either at home or on the road. “

“It is a different week, one lives it in a different way, and only focuses on winning to bring joy to the fans, oneself and our families”, added.

In addition, the former 7 of Colo Colo took the time to declassify the talk he had with Iván Morales in the prelude to this duel: “We talk about it in the week. He told me before the press. He told me: ‘Brother, I want to score a goal to dedicate it to you. You deserve it’. He misses me, haha ​​”.

Along the same lines, it was played with an exact score for this day, warning that “We will win 3-1 and I hope Iván Morales scores two goals.”

Morales wants to dedicate a goal to Paredes in this Superclásico. | Photo: UNO Agency.

“It is a Superclassic. Regardless of the numbers, the fan can say what they want, but inside the dressing room it is always considered that way. And the other side is the same ”, concluded.

Albos and azul go on the field at 4:30 p.m. under the arbitration of Roberto Tobar and you can follow him LIVE and MINUTE BY MINUTE by DaleAlbo.

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