Walter Mercado: Horoscopes for today June 22, 2022

Find out what destiny has in store for you this Wednesday, June 22, 2022 with the best of horoscope of Walter Marketcheck the predictions of your day, your lucky number and start the day on the right foot. ยกThe Truth News wishes you good fortune!


Venus enters your house of communication today. You will discover the love that those who share with you have for you. Nothing will be left to the imagination since you will also be very expressive towards others. You will appreciate in a special way everything that surrounds you, especially nature.

lucky numbers: 33, 51, 7.


Take care, Taurus. Venus, in your house of money, will lead you to spend more than necessary, since you will not be able to resist the temptation to buy expensive things, both for the decoration of your home and for your personal use. You will attract money since you will not lack opportunities to multiply it.

lucky numbers: 10, 46, 18.


Venus enters your first house emphasizing your desire to connect with other people and adding beauty to your already radiant personality. She takes advantage of her positive energy to fix any difficult situation you have in your life. You will greatly enjoy the contact of your good friends.

lucky numbers: 49, 31, 27.


Venus leads you to get involved in activities where you can help others. Take care, however, that they do not abuse your generosity. Conflicts arise that are still unresolved in your life, but now you will be in a better position to find a solution.

lucky numbers: 26, 8, 11.


Any activity in which you have to deal with people, such as your work or business, is favored under the energy of Venus that illuminates your world of friends. It is a good time to entertain, get involved in activities for the community and enjoy with your friends.

lucky numbers: 20, 44, 3.


Your professional affairs will go swimmingly thanks to the positive influence of Venus in your 10th house. Everything related to decoration is exalted, whether in your home or office. You benefit from people who are in important positions or authority.

lucky numbers: 9, 20, 1.


You enter a period of personal growth. Everything related to art will powerfully call your attention. The new, the never tried by you will attract you. It is a good time to travel since every trip by sky, sea or land will be pleasant and rich in very pleasant experiences.

lucky numbers: 51, 12, 4.


Love relationships intensify with the entry of Venus into your eighth house. You burn in the flames of passion with your loved one. Every relationship will be extremely active and passionate. Good news comes to you through your partner, partner or bank. You are in a very good time to request what you need.

lucky numbers: 30, 25, 13.


Venus comes to pour out its splendor in your romantic relationships, spreading its magic to your friends, coworkers, and family members. If you are married or joined to someone you can easily express your love. If you find yourself alone, a new love will light up your life.

lucky numbers: 11, 50, 6.


It is time to clear things up with your partner and resolve conflicts that have remained unresolved in the past. Work or career issues are emphasized. Venus exerts her positive influence on your health, but this does not mean that you abuse, especially sweet things.

lucky numbers: 15, 36, 18.


You will feel more free to do those things that you previously considered healthy madness. All creative activity is exalted under Venus, so you will be able to express yourself through the arts. Love relationships are also favored and the person who comes into your life will favor you.

lucky numbers: 2, 19, 31.


Venus moves into your house of the Zodiac which rules the home. Your wishes to decorate, change, embellish the same, are emphasized. You will like to follow your intuition in everything and your unique touch will be very special when choosing what gives it beauty and charm.

lucky numbers: 41, 15, 8.

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