Walter Mercado: Horoscopes for today October 13

Find out what fate has in store for you this October 13, 2021 with the best of horoscope from Walter Mercado, check the predictions of your day, you lucky number and start the day on the right foot. !The Truth News wishes you good fortune!


Your relationships with brothers or friends of the soul, are transformed by uniting them more and exalting their sense of union and cooperation. Take extra care of your communication equipment as they could experience breakdowns. There are important changes in your professional sector that will affect your future.

Lucky numbers; 37, 8, 14.


You fill yourself with a lot of vitality and inspiration to change, improve and decorate the place you live in. The family structure undergoes changes and these will affect your future plans, but in a positive way. Above all, it is essential to have time to rest and thus not deplete your energy reserves.

Lucky numbers: 15, 47, 38.


Lower your anxiety levels. Earning good money is important, but not to the point that it may be affecting your health. To prosper you will have to change or modify your current methods. The world around you is shaking, but it will all be to your benefit. Have faith that you will be victorious.

Lucky numbers: 7, 39, 21.


Let your guard down, Cancer, as every problem will be solved today without much intervention on your part. Somewhat murky situations are clarified so that you can continue with your educational plans and add some more projects to your agenda. Travel with your partner will be pleasant and enjoyable.

Lucky numbers: 1, 12, 36.


There is a redefinition of personal image and what you think about yourself, as well as changes in the way you dress and how you project yourself to others. An air of mystery envelops you and as the weekend approaches you will be very seductive in matters of love.

Lucky numbers: 13, 46, 25.


Walter Mercado’s horoscope says that your vocation and the mission that you have come to fulfill in life will undergo changes. You will look for something new that inspires you and does not affect you emotionally. You will find the balance between your profession and family. Try not to take any long trips or do things that are out of the ordinary.

Lucky numbers: 46, 27, 8.


Your intuition is exalted. Direct your energies to study the spiritual world. Expand your knowledge of religions or spiritual groups. Sit and look at what is happening around you, learn and do not make judgments or comment on anything negative about anyone. Observe and absorb all that is positive.

Lucky numbers: 28, 41, 6.


New opportunities for advancement and great abundance present themselves to you. There will be positive changes in your finances, especially those that have to do with your partner. A somewhat complicated situation will lead you to think about deep issues in life such as your mission in it.

Lucky numbers: 17, 22, 3.


Love relationships will be put to the test. Many secrets and problems come to light to be solved once and for all. You will know who is loyal and sincere to you and who has been making fun of you. You will make definitive decisions that will positively affect your future.

Lucky numbers: 11, 3, 14.


You will now pay more attention to taking care of your body. You start new diets or exercise regimens to improve your physical health. Changes in your job or in your profession will be imminent. Your discipline and your concentration will be the key to achieve the success you seek.

Lucky numbers: 24, 7, 16.


You will not be very clear now in matters of love. This means that your relationship will be put to the test and that problems that had not been discussed will come to the fore so that they are finally resolved. If the love is genuine, it will survive and if it is not, it will walk away from you for your sake.

Lucky numbers: 8, 35, 27.


Your creativity is exalted either to embark on a new hobby or to find a way to have fun with your children, nephews or grandchildren. The boy or girl that lives in you wakes up and you will enjoy games, especially those that take place outdoors in contact with nature.

Lucky numbers: 11, 28, 1.

Note to Readers: Betty B. Mercado, niece and collaborator of the late astrologer Walter Mercado, continues his legacy by writing horoscopes.

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