Walter Mercado: Today’s Horoscopes November 25, 2022

Find out what fate has in store for you this Friday, November 25, 2022 with the best of horoscope of Walter Mercadocheck the predictions of your day, your lucky number and start the day on the right foot. ohThe Truth News wishes you good fortune!


Stay out of any conflict that may arise in your life. In times of war, be the one who establishes peace. Observing you can find the perfect solution. Those who know you will follow and put your wise advice into practice. Be prudent and do not insist if someone is opposed to following them.

lucky numbers: 16, 40, 22.


Your sentimental world is shaken. Someone who meant a lot in your life is once again very close to you. It is time to bury the past and forgive. Don’t keep carrying that heavy bag of anguish, grudges and hatred. Leave it to the side of the road and go light through life. Give yourself the opportunity to love again.

lucky numbers: 17, 8, 2.


Work matters take a new turn and it will be in your favor. New sources of economic income open up for you. Get up to date on everything related to your work. Don’t keep leaving things for later. It is imperative that you stay aware of everything that is related to high technology.

lucky numbers: 5, 18, 51.


Expand your horizons through reading or travel. Every conversation with a foreign person will lead you to realize a great truth in your life. Trust what your heart tells you. Free yourself from prejudice. Do not judge so severely someone who does not share your same ideas or interests.

lucky numbers: 37, 14, 25.


You give yourself body and soul to a project that will leave you very good financial gains. Your exalted creativity will take you to new heights in your career or profession. You will look for the company of people as creative as you who will inject you with new ideas that you can develop without any difficulty.

lucky numbers: 37, 1, 12.


You will like to attract attention and you will achieve it. Your energy will be remarkable. An excellent period to get involved in outdoor activities that require more physical than mental effort. If you are single, the chances of finding a partner increase. Attend all kinds of social, charity or work activity.

lucky numbers: 8, 21, 13.


It is imperative that you calm down and order your thoughts. Control mental chatter. It’s time to do what you have in mind. Do not worry about how, the important thing is that you begin to elaborate what you have planned with so much love. Take action, overcome the fear of the unknown and you will succeed.

lucky numbers: 41, 26, 3.


It seems that your sentimental affairs are stabilizing. Don’t take anything for granted and continue to nurture that relationship with lots of love and understanding. As for money, you will have to keep striving to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. You will have enough energy to achieve it.

lucky numbers: 4, 20, 16.


You will face problems in your workplace that you will have to solve with a lot of diplomacy since there is someone in a position of importance jealous of your triumphs. A good conversation in which the truth reigns without exaggerations will help you reach a middle ground and restore peace in your environment.

lucky numbers: 15, 49, 2.


You will develop with greater security in any difficult situation that arises. Problems that may arise in your workplace will no longer keep you up at night because you know that they will somehow be resolved. You have a completely different view of the world around you than you did a few years ago.

Lucky numbers: 25, 9, 11.


More expenses are added to the existing ones, but do not lose your cool because of this, since you will recover the investment sooner than you expect. There are issues to resolve and this should be done as soon as possible, so that major complications do not arise later. Keep your head up and do whatever it takes to stabilize yourself.

lucky numbers: 34, 26, 19.


Your life lights up and you breathe new air again. It is time for new beginnings, to wrap yourself in the magic that life and Divinity offer us in all aspects. You will enjoy good health, but this is not why you stop going to your routine exams. You find the solution to a very personal problem.

lucky numbers: 18, 4, 39.

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