Wanda Nara’s new “confidant” who would worsen her relationship with Mauro Icardi

Gossips say, or at least the sayings of our grandmothers, “everything that starts badly ends worse.” If we are guided by this phrase to speak of the beginning between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, we could deduce that this story will have the most catastrophic ending in history.

The media and the footballer met 10 years ago, when she was the wife of Maxi López and in the midst of the scandals that ensured that the player was unfaithful to Wanda Nara. At that time, the new promise of Argentine soccer was her tear cloth and later her husband. This would not have had such an impact if Icardi had not been a friend and “protected” of López.

López and Wanda Nara were married in 2008, after five years they decided to separate.

From this issue that lasted for years and that we summarize in a paragraph, the colloquial word “Icarded” was born. As we said at the beginning, if history between Wanda Nara and Icardi started like this, it would not seem strange to us that it ends in the same way.

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