Wanderlustluca makes us fall in love with his own version of Reyna de Valorant with casual clothes

The entire community of players of the popular tactical first-person shooter video game from Riot Games has become attached to its agents and such is the case that a famous cosplayer has brought to light a perfect outfit for all Reyna mains, in which presents us with the female character with a dress typical of today.

Something that seems quite curious to us is the fact that Valorant has gained a large number of fans around the world since its beta launch in April 2020 and its official launch at the end of June. Being a video game set in the near future, players take on the role of one of many agents representing different nations.

It is here where the beautiful cosplayer model ‘Wanderlustluca’ managed to captivate us with a characterization that manages to mix between the two worlds, and allows us to see a Reyna who uses her skills in the middle of 2022, so the futuristic armor and costumes of Agents go into the background.

This special cosplay of Reyna has earned over 11,000 compliments on her official Instagram account post, with people liking its attention to detail and similarities to popular characters within the Riot Games universe. Her colorful wig manages to show off a bit of her powers and is completely similar to Reyna’s striking hair.

Her delicate makeup and wet lipstick make her look more lively. Her attire is very important, since she appears to us with a current dress, and that lets the beauty of the model shine. It’s the perfect seam of purple, gray and black panels that reflect a bit of her original battle outfit. Of course, the symbol of her powers on her hand also marks Reyna’s own style.

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