Wandinha: Addams Family series on Netflix gets teaser with new characters and more

Update (21/09/2022) – EB

In June, Netflix released an amazing trailer for the series Wandinha, the first live-action Addams Family series produced by Netflix. Now another teaser has been released, this time focusing on Escola Never Again, where the protagonist of the series will live most of her dark adventures learning new techniques of evil.

The new teaser begins with the presentation of director Larissa Weems, who runs the School Never Again, which was opened in 1791 with the following principles:

Escola Não Mais is a safe space where all students can learn and grow.

For over 200 years, we’ve welcomed outcasts of all stripes: werewolves, vampires, mermaids and gorgons. As director, I have the honor to inform you that, from now on, the registrations of the Never Mais are open to everyone. So I invite each of you to enroll in this unique school.

The video also features illustrious alumni such as Morticia Addams (Wandinha’s mother), Ignatius Itt and Edgar Allan Poe, a writer who are said to have been inspired by the school’s unique atmosphere.

The video also highlights some of the students who will be Wandinha’s classmates, among them we have the mermaid Bianca Barclay and the vampire Yoko Tanaka, who promise to participate in several extracurricular activities with Wandinha Addams in the new series.

There is even a special school website with more details about the new series that can be accessed, where you can still sign up to receive exclusive information soon.

  • Portal School Never Again — Access

Update (06/17/2022) – GS

Wandinha: Addams Family series on Netflix gets spectacular trailer; watch

After a very mysterious first teaserNetflix this week released the first full trailer of Wandinha, their newest original series that is a remake of the iconic Adamms Family, being created by the genius mind of Tim Burton (The Strange World of Jack).

In the trailer, we discover that Wandinha Addams is a troubled girl, who has been expelled from no less than eight different schools in a period of five years, until her parents decide to send her to the Never Again Institute, which coincidentally, was the same. place where Gomez and Morticia Addams met and fell madly in love.

Even though this new school is more like what Wandinha expects, we can see that it will still continue to cause a lot of problems. It is here that the character will attempt to master her emerging psychic ability, investigate a monstrous killing spree that terrorized the local town, and solve the murder mystery that involved her parents 25 years ago. All this while she has to deal with her new and very complicated relationships at her new school.

As we can see, the new series will be much darker than anything we’ve seen from the Addams Family to date, but still maintaining the saga’s characteristic humor and even bringing reference to films, series and animations of the franchise in the past.

So, what did you think of the first trailer for Wandinha?

Update (06/06/2022) – GS

Announced in early 2021, Wednesday is the new Netflix original series. Directed by Tim Burton, the series focuses on Wandinha Addams, the iconic character of the Addams Family franchise, who has appeared in several different iterations, including TV, film and animation.

As part of its “Geeked Week 2022”, the streaming giant has released the first teaser for the series, which shows Jenna Ortega in character as the character.

In the video, we can see Wandinha finishing her iconic braids and walking imposingly towards the camera, but one detail that catches the eye is the “little hand”, which appears on her shoulder. In the Addams family universe, Little Hand is nothing more than a severed hand that has a life of its own and stars in several hilarious scenes.

As we can see, the Little Hand of the Netflix series will be different from its previous iterations, being actually made up of scraps of different hands, sporting lots of scars and seams, a look that Burton loves for his productions.

Wednesday Addams (Ortega) is a student at Nevermore Academy. It is there that she tries to perfect her psychic abilities as a monstrosity begins to commit murders and terrorize the city. With that, she must solve the mystery that has surrounded her parents for 25 years, while navigating complex relationships in Nevermore.

It is worth remembering that the series will feature Christina Ricci, who played Wandinha in the iconic Addams Family films in the 90s.

Wednesday is set to debut on Netflix later this year.


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Original text – 02/18/2021

Netflix announced yesterday (17) that soon the streaming platform will be receiving a series in live-action format in which the main character will be Wandinha, from the Addams Family.

However, another point that drew a lot of attention in relation to this release is the fact that Tim Burton is responsible for the direction, showing that the company has invested well so that the new content is a success with the public and critics.


17 Feb

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10 Mar

The Addams Family was a 1991 blockbuster film based on the 1960s American TV series, starring Anjelica Huston (The Witches’ Convention), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) and Christina Ricci, who played Wandinha.

At the time, the title had a greater revenue of US$ 190 million, showing how much the public liked it, so much so that it ended up giving rise to another film with the same cast, but this one ended up not going as expected and barely paying the costs of production.

The series will be called Wednesday because this is Wandinha’s name in the English version, and it will take place in the present time, showing the character’s different perspective on the world, in addition to showing many mysteries and investigations of supernatural events, in the tone gloom that The Addams Family manages to deliver.

It is worth remembering that Tim Burton already has extensive experience in directing content with this more Gothic format, as he was responsible for “Ghosts Have Fun”, “Edward Scissorhands”, “The Legend of the Headless Horseman” and “The Corpse Bride”.

Wednesday does not yet have a premiere date, but the first season will have 8 episodes and will take place at Nevermore Academy, the school where Wandinha studied in the original story.

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