War in Ukraine: a nuclear reactor urgently stopped after a strike in Zaporizhia



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E.Lagarde, L.Lacroix, V.Castel – France 2

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The Zaporidjia nuclear power plant in Ukraine is, on Saturday August 6, at the center of serious concern. The surroundings of the site were bombarded, and one of the reactors was shut down in an emergency. kyiv and Moscow accuse each other.

The Russians have been occupying the Zaporijia (Ukraine) nuclear site for several months, access to which is prohibited. The Ukrainian president is certain that they are responsible for the strikes on the power station on Saturday August 5. “Occupiers struck the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant twice in one day. It is the largest power plant on our continent. Any bombing of this site is a shameless crime and an act of terror”said Volodymyr Zelensky.

The plant is located at the northern limit of the territory occupied by the Russians. It is currently co-managed with the Ukrainian nuclear company, Energoatom, which claims that the bombardment led to the automatic shutdown of one of the reactors, as well as extensive damage, causing “risks of leaking hydrogen and radioactive substances” and a fire hazard “raised”. The region’s pro-Russian governor has confirmed the breaking of two high-voltage lines, but blames it on Ukrainian fighters.

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