War in Ukraine: a survey of Belgian companies on the natural gas emergency plan

At the initiative of the Minister for Energy, Belgium will survey a thousand companies to refine the natural gas emergency plan.

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Lhe FPS Economy is launching a survey of a thousand companies on Tuesday to refine the natural gas emergency plan at the request of the Minister of Energy, Tinne Van der Straeten. The initiative aims to minimize the impact of such a plan if it were to be activated.

“We obviously hope never to have to activate this plan, but we are leaving nothing to chance,” said the minister.

No a priori threat

For the moment, despite the retaliatory measures taken by the Russian company Gazprom with regard to European countries, there is no indication that Belgium’s supply of natural gas is threatened, the country being little dependent of Russia and having a major gas terminal in Zeebrugge.

Unlike the load shedding plan that exists for electricity, the natural gas plan does not provide for a cut in supply, a measure which would entail a serious risk for companies using certain hazardous materials, but includes three phases of reduction in the consumption of gas. The survey should help to define what their minimum level of gas would be, their reaction capacity and the possibilities available to them to secure their personnel and their activities.

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