War in Ukraine: Parliament in Kyiv bans music by Russian artists in public – with exceptions

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Almost four months have passed since Russia the war of aggression against them Ukraine started and the fighting is still going on. Russian troops gain ground near Sjewerodonetsk.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was on another front visit in southern Ukraine on Saturday. He promises to recapture southern Ukraine. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has promised Ukraine further aid.

In our news blog we inform you about the most important developments related to the war.

June 19th

2:15 p.m .: Ukrainian parliament bans music by Russian artists in public – with exceptions

The Ukrainian parliament has it music banned in public by artists with Russian citizenship. The Verkhovna Rada approved the bill by a two-thirds majority on Sunday, MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak said on his Telegram channel on Sunday.

The justification for the law stated that the “musical product of the aggressor state (Russia) could have an effect on separatist moods in the population”. Russian music would make adopting a Russian identity more attractive and aimed at weakening the Ukrainian state, the text said. Exceptions only apply to artists who have publicly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine. There will be a special exception list from the SBU secret service for this.

At the same time, the import and distribution of books and other print products from Russia, Belarus and the Russian-occupied territories was completely banned. Subject since 2016 Books from Russia already subject to censorship.

1:00 p.m .: Habeck announces specific savings measures due to reduced gas supplies

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) has new, concrete measures to reduce gas consumption in Germany announced. “We will reduce gas consumption in the electricity sector and in industry and force the filling of storage facilities,” said Habeck on Sunday Berlin With. In the case of electricity production, “coal-fired power plants would have to be used more extensively”.

Habeck called on operators of reserve coal-fired power plants to “prepare now so that everything is operational as soon as possible.” He referred to the ongoing parliamentary procedure for a law on the availability of replacement power plants, which is to be finally discussed in the Bundesrat on July 8th. At the same time, a ministerial regulation is already being prepared to activate the reserve.”

In the last few days, the situation on the gas market has worsened,” Habeck explained, referring to the recent Russian supply cuts. “The tense situation and the high prices are a direct consequence of Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine,” he clarified. Against Germany must “resolutely, precisely and thoughtfully defend itself” against the associated strategy of creating uncertainty and driving up prices.

The federal government will now “get out and use another part of the tools”. By replacing gas-fired power plants with coal-fired power plants, “gas consumption for power generation can be substantially reduced”. In 2021, the gas share in electricity production in Germany was around 15 percent, but according to Habeck it is now lower. The minister called the increased use of coal “bitter”, but it was “absolutely necessary in this situation”.

11.10 a.m .: London: desertion probably also a problem on the part of Ukraine

According to British intelligence experts, the intensive fighting in the Donbass is affecting the morale of the troops on both sides in the Ukraine war. “Ukrainian forces have probably suffered from desertions in recent weeks, but Russian morale in particular is likely to remain plagued with problems,” said the Defense Ministry’s daily intelligence update on the Ukraine war in London. Since the Russian attack on Ukraine began around four months ago, there have been repeated reports of Russian soldiers deserting.

“There continue to be instances of entire Russian units refusing to obey orders, and armed confrontations between officers and soldiers continue,” the statement continued. The reasons for the low Russian morale are, among other things, a leadership that is perceived as poor, limited opportunities for relief from the front, very heavy losses, stress, poor logistics and problems with payment.

11:02 a.m .: Union puts pressure on Scholz when delivering heavy weapons

The Union puts Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) more difficult because of his hesitation in the delivery weapons to Ukraine still under pressure. On the occasion of Scholz’s government statement planned for Wednesday in the Bundestag, the CDU and CSU want to submit an application that, according to media reports, specifically calls for the immediate delivery of Marder armored personnel carriers as well as recovery and armored personnel carriers. “Otherwise there will soon be no more Ukraine,” warned parliamentary group leader Johann Wadephul.

Johann Wadephul, CDU/CSU.

Johann Wadephul, CDU/CSU.Image: Flashpic / Jens Krick

The “Welt am Sonntag” and the Berlin “Tagesspiegel” first reported on the application at the weekend. The aim is to deliver armored weapon systems for Ukraine “that will be available quickly,” Wadephul told the “Tagesspiegel”. He criticized that Germany was “falling short of all expectations” with regard to the delivery of heavy weapons and was also not meeting the requirements of the joint decision by Ampel and Union on this in April.

“That’s why we can’t spare the chancellor having to have this discussion again in the Bundestag,” said the CDU politician. “We measure him by actions, not words.” Wadephul criticized that the armaments group Rheinmetall had to “offer its Marder tanks almost like sour beer because the Chancellery did not issue a permit for their export”.

“In this phase of the war, in addition to artillery, Ukraine also needs battle tanks and armored personnel carriers,” emphasized the parliamentary group leader. “Otherwise there will soon be no more Ukraine that can make an effort to join the EU.” Recovery and engineer tanks are necessary, among other things, because bridges are often destroyed by the Russian military for tactical reasons.

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