Warming yesterday with the Primavera: for Juric it is not ready, it will start in the summer

The Dane found minutes against Atalanta and an assist, under the eyes of Juric in the stands, which will not change the fate of his future

Yesterday afternoon in Filadelfia was a great party. Secondary the joy for a salvation conquered with a day in advance of the formation of Coppitelli. The minimum for a team that until a few months ago was hanging out in high ranking areas. The greatest emotion was undoubtedly that of seeing the grenade jerseys flutter on that ground smacks of legend. That thread, although many have tried, has not yet been cut by the scissors of time. The warmth of the audience poured out on the players, who offered a strong performance against Atalanta which, inevitably, raised some questions about what turn the Torino Primavera season would have taken if the matches had always been played in the setting of the Fila.

Warming: good performance with the Primavera

There are numerous notes of color that also derive from what was staged on the pitch. Coppitelli’s Bull in yesterday’s match could boast Magnus Warming among its ranks. The Dane he was able to find minutes after the recent thigh injury that kept him out of the first team squad for about a month. Yesterday Coppitelli gave him ninety minutes, played with the confidence of a superior player. His contribution took on even more concrete features when, from a good personal action on the left-handed out, he offered the assist for the goal that opened the scoring, signed by Stenio Zanetti. At the Primavera level, there is no doubt about how he can mix up the cards, while it is clear that it is necessary for him to take that extra step to conquer more space in the football of the greats.

Juric doesn’t confirm this for next year

Ivan Juric in March had branded him as a player not ready for the stages of the top flight and that according to him “he should have gone out to play on loan in January “. In this vintage under the Mole, the Dane has not yet lost the aura of an object of mystery. 5 appearances, of which (it would also be science fiction the opposite) none from the first minute. Reductive the adjective “failure” to the season of this young product of Danish football. For next season, it is difficult for Toro to still want to wait for him. In front of him a destination far from Piedmont.

Magnus Warming
Magnus Warming

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