Warner Bros. is officially scrapping the Batgirl movie

There will be no more crime fighting for Barbara Gordon, at least not in feature film format. The nine hundred million kroner expensive production has officially received the ax from Warner Bros, who have now announced that they have scrapped the entire project. In other words, the film will not be released anywhere, neither streaming nor in cinemas. The news reported by Variety mentions that the decision was not based on the quality of the film but on the studio’s desire to focus on blockbusters rather than streaming films.

Having said that, nine hundred million kroner is certainly not small potatoes and there are probably more sides to this that are not being told. Add to that the fact that Ezra Miller’s The Flash is also hanging in the air by a loose thread, and we really start talking about really large sums of money lying around. Sad for those who were looking forward to Barbara Gordon as Batgirl on the big screen.

Is Batgirl a movie you were looking forward to?

Warner Bros. is officially scrapping the Batgirl movie
Snap, snap, snap – and the story was over.

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