Warning for strong images: The nightmare on holiday for Karl Fredrik – the bloody accident

Carl Fredrik Gustafsson

It was not a great start to a holiday for the TV personality, Karl Fredrik Gustafsson …

The florist, gardener and TV personality Karl Fredrik Gustafsson usually has green fingers. But during the holiday with her fiancé Petter Kjellén, the accident happened …

Karl Fredrik and Petter were on a relaxing holiday on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Or, that was the idea anyway.

Then the accident happened to Karl Fredrik

During a bus ride in the mountains, where the roads meandered narrowly around the mountains, the bus ride was at a high pace and the driver was forced at one point to cross. Then Karl Fredrik dropped his phone which fell to the floor. The glass on the phone cracked and when Karl Fredrik bent down to pick it up, he cut himself on the sharp pieces of glass. The wound was bleeding and her fiancé Petter arrived quickly and plastered Karl Fredrik with a mouth guard. When they arrived at the hotel, the wound could be cleaned properly. It reports Expressen.

Karl Fredrik posted a post on his Instagram where he showed the wound and his bloody hand.

This was not how the love holiday with my beloved Petter would be “, he writes, among other things.

Carl Fredrik Gustafsson

Karl-Fredrik Gustafsson.

Suvad Mrkonjic / TT

In the comments section, his followers showed their sympathies.

Now Petter can take care of you and serve you one or two glasses of rosé so it might feel better. Hug, writes a follower.

“But what a thriller! There are no straight roads on Amalfi, but it’s incredibly beautiful”, writes another.

Despite the bloody drama, it seems that everything went well, after all.

“It bled a lot here and there but the wound was not too deep”, writes Karl Fredrik in a text message to Expressen.

But the drama should not have ruined the holiday, they are still there and having a great time!

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