Warzone 2 Devs Closed Most Wanted Contracts Due To Infinite XP Flaw

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 has the entire community of players excited in each of the games of the popular battle royaleand it is that, it presents us with a renewed game experience that comes wonderfully after we immerse ourselves in the campaign of Modern Warfare 2. In our games we will face enemy squads that will present us with a greater challenge than that seen on the servers of its predecessor.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that, within the battle royale, we not only have to get kills, and that is that shooting down enemy squadrons is not the only objective when falling from the plane. The Battle Royale features contracts, awarding players XP and cash for completing missions in the game.

WZ2 presented the contract Champions Quest, awarding an elusive tactical nuke for completing a difficult task. Warzone 2’s innovations received tons of praise from community members, but failed to launch in battle royale. A bug in the social menu was preventing players from teaming up with their friends, but Activision eventually fixed the issue.

Warzone 2 Devs Temporarily Remove Most Wanted Contract

Most Wanted It’s a high risk, high reward mission. Once you choose the contract, the timer starts and you get a limited time to survive. Your location is marked on the map, and if you manage to survive successfully, each and every eliminated player on your team will be revived at the same time, even after the Gulag closes.

You also get some cash and XP as a reward. RavenSoftware shared a link to Trello Board so players can see for themselves what the developers are working on. One glitch involved completing the Most Wanted contract and opening a loot box at the same time.

If you reached the end of the contract timer and opened a loot box once the contract completion notice appeared on your screen, you would receive a ton of bonus XP. Players earned around 13,000 XP per completion. Activision disabled Most Wanted due to the exploit.

In his initial review of Warzone 2, CoD YouTuber JGOD listed limited cash as an issue with gameplay, making it nearly impossible to buy back teammates. Most Wanted provided a quick way to bring back all of your teammates at once, but players will have to wait to complete the contract again.

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