Warzone the fight against hackers begins now, here is finally the new anti cheat

By now the situation had become almost unbearable, players all over the world were starting to get tired of the cheating situation that still grips Call of Duty Warzone today. At the moment one of the most played Activision titles in the world, the battle royale of the most beloved series ever by console players seems to finally have a new anti cheat that aims to be perhaps the definitive “weapon” against cheaters and people who use bugs to succeed. to win. The announcement had already been expected thanks to the official tweets and press releases sent to all Warzone players. Kind of like a call to arms from Activision to make it clear that the fight has just beguna.

At this point we just have to introduce you to Ricochet! This is the name chosen by the guys on the Call of Duty team for their anti-cheating software. They certainly could not do better for a war title especially as fast-paced as Warzone. At the base of the software there is obviously a “kernel level” control system. You have certainly already heard of this type of software thanks to the system adopted by Riot for its “Vanguard”. Already at the time there were not a few complaints from some players, because this type of software acts in depth and if placed in the wrong hands can even damage the machines.

But of course Activision has also clarified this egit appears that the system will not be active 24 hours a day on your machine but will activate based on when you play Warzone. In reality, months after the arrival of Vanguard we have already had the opportunity to see how this is really one of the few weapons that are made available to players and that really allow you to give the cheater a short life.

Developing software that can also bypass this level of security is certainly much more complicated and it wouldn’t be everyone’s job. That said, if you are interested in discovering even more, we refer you to official presentation page. We just have to wait for the update with the anti-cheat and understand what the first results will be!

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