Warzone: the new futuristic Roze skin is already making players cringe

As the new Call of Duty: Warzone update arrives tomorrow, all the details for Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune have been revealed and Activision returned yesterday presenting the official launch trailer. As always, there is a trailer full of action and explosion and the players have seen the return of a skin well known to the community in a new register.

Take shelter, Roze is back in version 3.0!

It’s at the end of the Season 4 trailer Mercenaries of Fortune that we could see a new skin for the controversial Roze. Appeared on July 14, 2020 during Season 4 of Warzone via the “Roze Operator Bundle” pack, this skin has become a plague for many players because of its “Rook” version. Indeed, Roze “Rook” is an all-black jumpsuit that is very difficult to distinguish in dark places. In addition, Roze’s character has a reduced hit box compared to other operators due to her size, making the “Rook” skin a highly criticized skin.

Activision offered several nerfs to Roze’s “Rook” skin over the course of updates, including an outfit clarification that impacted her overuse within the community. Nevertheless, we have to believe that Activision wanted to revive the debate for this new update since it is a new iteration of Roze which was unveiled yesterday.

Roze 3.0 is placed in a more futuristic register than its predecessors with a rendering that is reminiscent of the outfits of Tron or Daft Punk. Joking aside, player feedback is already mixed, with players criticizing the lack of historical reality and context as Call of Duty Vanguard takes place during World War II. The skin wants to be at least more visible than before with pink neon lights, some players not hesitating to compare Roze 3.0 to a “walking PC Gamer” on Twitter.

This new skin will surely be available tomorrow in a classic bundle around € 19.99 and offering weapon skins and new cosmetic elements.

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