Was GameStop selling indie game NFTs without authorization? The situation

Remember GameStop’s entry into the NFT market? The company, at a not particularly prosperous moment in its recent history, wanted to take the leap and open up to non-fungible tokens, a move that has also brought it some problems.

In fact, according to what was reported by colleagues TheGamer and Ars Technica, a user named Nathan Ello would have used the GameStop marketplace to sell NFTs of some indie titles, collected as a whole in his personal ‘NiFTy Arcade collection’. The move allowed Ello to earn close to $ 14,000.

It would seem, however, that all of this would have happened without the right authorizations. Reports state that well de games would be distributed without authorizationand that Ello was not in possession of, among other things, the license for the PICO-8 engine used by the titles involved.

Needless to say, GameStop promptly intervened to resolve the situation by implementing one suspension of Nathan Ello’s account and the removal of his collection from the marketplace. However, the ‘unfortunate’ does not seem to have taken it very badly. In fact, Ello has declared that he is ready to continue the sale of NFT in other shores, but this time with all the necessary authorizations.

And this is just one of many burning issues that the company’s plans have had to address lately. Last month we told you about the mass layoffs within Gamestop, as part of an internal restructuring process that also led to the removal of the Chief Financial Officer.

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