Was Prince Harry the last to know about the Queen’s death? Now the palace speaks out

On September 8th, news of the Queen’s death sent the whole world into mourning. The palace is said to have informed Prince Harry of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing just five minutes before the public. To humiliate the royal dropout?

As “The Telegraph” reported on Sunday evening (September 18), King Charles III. (73) his youngest son, Prince Harry (38), just five minutes before the public announcement of his grandmother’s death, Queen Elizabeth II († 96), have told. But is that really true? The palace has since released a statement.

Simple explanation for late information about Queen Elizabeth II’s death?

When Prince Harry finally found out about the death of September 8th Queen Elizabeth II found out, Prime Minister Liz Truss is said to have known about it for two hours. But Prince Harry should not have been informed so late on purpose. There is a very simple explanation for this.

Prince Harry is dealing with the loss of his beloved grandmother.

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Queen Elizabeth II was hospitalized on the day of her death, and the entire royal family was on alert. And Prince Harry was on his way to Scotland to say goodbye to his beloved grandmother. But he didn’t make it in time. “Daily Mail” assumes that Prince Harry was on the plane and therefore could not be reached. Immediately after landing in Scotland, he found out about the death of the Queen.

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King Charles III makes a public statement

It is rather unusual for the palace to comment on rumours. In a short statement by King Charles III. but now it says: “The public was only informed after all family members had been informed“. The Telegraph then amended its report, confirming that Harry was treated no differently than other family members.

A week and a half after the death of Queen Elizabeth II finds her funeral on Monday, September 19, instead of. The guest list has a few surprises in store. Sources used: thetelepragh.co.uk, dailymail.co.uk, rtl.de

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