Washington Post: “Serial” murderer released

Adnan Syed (41) was sentenced to life for the murder of Hae Min Lee, who was the subject of the successful podcast “Serial”, is released, writes Washington Post.

The ex-boyfriend was killed

Adnan Syed was prosecuted and convicted for killing his ex-girlfriend and classmate Hae Min Lee when he was 17.

Lee disappeared in 1999 and her body was found several weeks later in Leakin Park.

The investigation focused on Syed after they received an anonymous call naming him. Adnan claimed he was innocent but could not remember what he had done that afternoon.

Lee’s ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed (then also 18) was convicted of the murder.

The podcast Serial goes through the events and the trial against Syed. The series never managed to find out whether Syed was innocently convicted or not, but highlighted several weaknesses in the investigation and in Syed’s defenders.

The podcast “Serial” quickly became popular and grew to become the world’s most popular podcast. In February 2015, the “true crime” series had been downloaded more than 68 million times, according to CBS News.

New evidence

Twice Syed tried to have the case reopened. But he did not succeed. In June 2016, Syed won approval for a new trial, and the sentence against him was overturned. In 2019, after several rounds of court proceedings, the demand for a new trial was rejected.

Earlier last week, TV 2 wrote about new evidence, including information about two possible suspects who may have been involved.

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