Watch out for flying hamsters

A hamster was recently sent up to the stratosphere in a balloon.

The somewhat special pilot was sent a full 23 kilometers into the air, before being rescued from the sea off the Japanese island of Miyako.

Airtight container

It was the company Iwatani Giken that sent the unnamed hamster into the stratosphere in an airtight container that was 60 centimeters high and 50 centimeters wide.

According to the company, the container kept the same pressure and temperature as on the ground. Through a camera you could follow how the rodent was doing.

Slept on the trip

At one point, people on the ground could see the hamster peeking out of a window.

In a press release The company states that the hamster also took a well-deserved nap at some point during the trip.

Iwatani Giken states that the hamster was sent up, because one day they hope to send people up to the same height. The next experiment is said to be to send someone, or something, up to an altitude of 25 kilometers.

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