Watch out for this new (deadly) challenge on TikTok …

A few months ago, a challenge on TikTok was to brush your teeth with a household product, which guaranteed impeccable whiteness according to some, but also (and especially) serious health problems according to many professionals. Since always (or almost), the “challenges”Flood social networks. They are often funny most of the time (we remember the Ice Bucket Challenge or certain dance challenges), sometimes stupid… but also sometimes very dangerous, even fatal, like the infamous “scarf game“.

A deadly new challenge on TikTok

In recent months, a new challenge has been circulating on the TikTok networks, namely the “Blackout Challenge”. The principle is simple, since it involves holding your breath as long as possible, until you lose consciousness … A challenge as stupid as it is dangerous, which unfortunately led to the death of a ten year old girl in the States -United, Nyla Anderson.

She was in her own room in her house, with her family at home. But no one was in the room with her when it happened, so there was no one to save her ” we explain to the local hospital. Obviously, the parents of the girl wished to alert their peers as to the dangerousness of this new challenge. Although TikTok denies having trended the Blackout Challenge on its platform, the family of little Nyla Anderson is warning parents around the world, and invites them to check their children’s smartphones.

Recently, it was the Lug Nut Challenge that was sadly talked about on TikTok. The principle was simple, namely to unbolt the wheels of a car at random … Worse yet, another challenge, Tide Pod Challenge, consisted of putting a pod of detergent in your mouth, and trying to hold on as long as possible before using it. spit out… Otherwise, are you okay?


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