Wave of fraud against the elderly in Stockholm

Internet fraud has a turnover of hundreds of millions of kronor annually in Sweden – and it is often people over the age of 65 who are deceived. In Stockholm County, more than 2,000 elderly people have been exposed to fraud this year – which can be compared with just under 800 in the same period last year. The worst situation is in Stockholm city, where elderly fraud has increased by 400 percent in the first four months of the year.

– It is very common for fraudsters to say that it is a senior discount that you should get back, often from the telephone company Telenor, says Ola Åkesson.

Internet expert: Three tips for the elderly to avoid being cheated online

IT expert Måns Jonasson gives advice to avoid falling for fraudsters. Photo: Lisa Liljefors / SVT

Måns Jonasson is an IT expert at the Internet Foundation, which is an independent, business-driven organization that promotes the development of the Internet.

In the video, he explains how the fraudsters use your own bank box.

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