WC: Argentina 1-0 Saudi Arabia (mid-time)

By Romain Rigauxthe 22/11/2022 »

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12:03CdM: Messi in the legend of Argentina!
11:52WC: Argentina 1-0 Saudi Arabia (mid-time)
11:32 amOM: M’Gladbach has set the price of Thuram
11:13 a.m.Argentina: Ian Rush sees Messi imitating Maradona
10:52CdM 22: Top 15 young scorers in selection
10:41 a.m.Argentina: Tagliafico covers Messi with lodges
10:27EdF: Ben Khalfallah judges Australia
10:10 a.m.CdM: Argentina-Saudi Arabia, line-ups
09:41Germany: Leroy San out against Japan
09:34AC Ajaccio: Ochoa optimistic for maintenance
08:47CdM: France-Australia, the probable compositions
08:41CdM: Mexico-Poland, the probable line-ups
08:37CdM: Denmark-Tunisia, the probable line-ups
twenty five past eightEdF: without Benzema, Lizarazu remains positive
11/21Belgium: FIFA refuses the 2nd shirt
11/21Brazil: the celebrations are already ready
11/21Wales: Bale congratulates his coach
11/21Senegal: Koulibaly deplores a lost “final”
11/21CdM: Klaassen and Taremi make history!
11/21Sngal: beaten, Aliou Ciss remains calm
11/21Wales: Bale loves stake matches!
11/21Belgium: Meunier pings the press
11/21CdM: the classification of group B (England)
11/21CdM: United States 1-1 Wales (finished)
11/21Lille: Fonseca loves Ligue 1
11/21EdF: Nasri wants Deschamps
11/21CdF: the full draw
11/21Argentina: Messi reassures about his condition
11/21EdF: Varane replacing against Australia!
11/21EdF: Camavinga back to training
11/21England: Grealish, a record goal!
11/21Senegal: two new injuries
11/21CdM: the classification of group A (Netherlands)
11/21CdM: United States-Wales, line-ups
11/21CdM: Sngal 0-2 Netherlands (finished)
11/21England: Saka responds to criticism
11/21Belgium: Honnt Meunier on Qatar
11/21Portugal: Casillas warns for Ronaldo
11/21EdF: Benzema, Mns are angry at Real
11/21Qatar: Al-Khelafi denounces an injustice
11/21Australia: coach for Benzema
11/21CdM: who is the bookmakers’ favourite?
11/21Argentina: his last CdM, Messi confirms
11/21Iran: unheard of since 1966…
11/21England: Bellingham impressed Twitter
11/21CdM: Saka, the first since Beckenbauer!
11/21WC: England 6-2 Iran (out)
11/21CdM: Senegal-Netherlands, line-ups
11/21EdF: 25 players, Deschamps explains
11/21Roma: a Norwegian will sign
11/21EdF: retired in selection, Giroud persists
11/21Bara: Asensio turns around!
11/21Qatar: Sanchez Bas points to nervousness
11/21PHOTOS: Beiranvand’s impressive clash
11/21CdM: 7 players more than 150 selections
11/21EdF: the marabout, Pogba’s mother responds
11/21PSG: Al-Khelafi opens the door to the Americans
11/21CdM: Top 15 oldest players
11/21EdF: Mbapp, Lloris sees no limits
11/21CdM: England-Iran, line-ups
11/21CdM: 20% of players play in England
11/21EdF: Deschamps judges the evolution of Mbapp
11/21CdM: good audience for Qatar-Ecuador
11/21Troyes: an Australian arrives on the bench
11/21EdF: Benzema, the wacky bomb from Lugano
11/21WC 2022: Top 10 youngest players
11/21FIFA: Neville cuts Infantino!
11/21CdM 2022: the rainbow armband abandoned
11/21EdF: Lloris returns to Benzema’s package
11/21EdF: the popularity of Giroud, Deschamps is ironic
11/21CdM 2022: the most represented clubs
11/21Portugal: his interview, CR7 does not regret
11/21EdF: tactics, Deschamps is justified
11/21MF poll: the favorites of the World Cup are…
11/21Portugal: the polemics, Ronaldo intervenes
11/21Real: Benzema injured, the choice for the transfer window
11/21Sngal: Man’s message
11/20Ecuador: Alfaro wants to make history
11/20Canada: David very confident for Belgium
11/20Nice: the verdict falls for Favre
11/20OM: the Vlodrome, a relief for Mandanda
11/20Miscellaneous: news from P. Pogba
11/20OM: Mandanda empties his bag!
11/20Qatar: Ali promises another face
11/20EdF: Benzema, Nasri hits the staff!
11/20CdF: fight and injured coach Reims!
11/20England: rainbow armband, Kane confirms
11/20VIDEO: Qatari fans left (very) early
11/20Argentina: good news for Messi
11/20Qatar: the level of the players ignites Twitter
11/20Qatar: a historic first in WC
11/20CdM 2022: the classification of group A (Qatar)
11/20CdM 2022: Qatar 0-2 Ecuador (finished)
11/20EdF: Camavinga absent from training
11/20VIDEO: the VAR is already controversial!
11/20Costa Rica: Navas surmotif
11/20EdF: Giroud, centerpiece for Rami
11/20Belgium: Doku has doubts
11/20PHOTOS: A Grand Opening Ceremony
11/20CdM 2022: Qatar-Ecuador, line-ups
11/20EdF: South African referee against Australia
11/20Bara: De Jong turns on the leaders!
11/20Netherlands: Van Gaal warns for Depay
11/20EdF: Badiashile does not give up
11/20CdM 2022: Casillas wants final against France
11/20EdF: Griezmann gives news of Benzema
11/20CdM 2022: Australia loses a holder (off.)
11/20EdF: Wenger confident for the Blues
11/20Portugal: Neves not worried about Ronaldo
11/20EdF: torchbearer, Griezmann dodges, but …
11/20Ecuador: Porozo aims for the coronation
11/20EdF: Deschamps warns before Australia
11/20EdF: Deschamps recounts Benzema’s injury
11/20EdF: Varane fit against Australia
11/20EdF: Deschamps responds to the Benzema controversy
11/20EdF: Benzema will not be replaced!
11/20Belgium: Lukaku misses at least two games
11/20CdM 2022: Benzema, a historic absence
11/20Sngal: Jakobs towards an unusual package?
11/20EdF: Benzema, Courbis offer… Savanier!

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