WC: Wales 0-0 Iran (mid-time)

By Romain Rigauxthe 25/11/2022 »

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12:30 p.m.OM: Gerson, Flamengo adds a layer
12:01PSG: Mbapp loves PSG, assures Galtier
11:50 a.m.WC: Wales 0-0 Iran (mid-time)
11:23Dortmund: opr, Haller gives his news
11:06Portugal: 132 seconds, CR7’s lunar conf’
10:41 a.m.EdF: Deschamps takes stock of Varane
10:34 amPSG: the future of Messi, Galtier in the dark
10:15 a.m.EdF: Denmark is “undercut”, according to DD
10:07CdM: Wales-Iran, line-ups
09:39Brazil: T. Silva reframes the Serbian coach
09:07CdM: England-USA, the probable line-ups
09:02CdM: Netherlands-Ecuador, the probable line-ups
08:58CdM: Qatar-Sngal, the probable line-ups
08:21Brazil: Neymar congratulates his team
11/24Brazil: Tite confident for Neymar
11/24Serbia: Stojkovic felt tired
11/24CdM: disciplined players
11/24Iran: good news for the goalkeeper
11/24Portugal: Man Utd, Ronaldo has turned the page
11/24Brazil: Neymar suffers from a sprain
11/24VIDEO: Neymar limps down
11/24Brazil: the pride of Paqueta
11/24PHOTOS: Big concern for Neymar!
11/24CdM: the classification of group G (Brazil)
11/24CdM: Brazil 2-0 Serbia (finished)
11/24VIDEO: Richarlison’s incredible goal!
11/24South Korea: Bento settles for a draw
11/24Uruguay: Alonso sees the glass half full
11/24Portugal: CR7’s penalty gets people talking…
11/24Portugal: Flix and Leo in history
11/24Ghana: Ronaldo penalty, Ayew enrages!
11/24Poland: Lewandowski stings his coach
11/24VIDEO: Costa close to a dumpling standard!
11/24PHOTOS: Bukari famous like Ronaldo!
11/24CdM: the classification of group H (Portugal)
11/24WC: Portugal 3-2 Ghana (finished)
11/24CdM: Brazil-Serbia, line-ups
11/24Saudi Arabia: Al Shahrani opr of the pancras
11/24Portugal: Ronaldo in the history of the World Cup!
11/24France-Denmark: a Pole at the whistle
11/24EdF: Denmark, Coman prefer Dembl?
11/24Germany: Spain, Mller awaits the final
11/24Angers: Baticle vir for serious faults?
11/24PHOTO: Ronaldo’s big move
11/24Frankfurt: an XXL fix price for Kolo Muani
11/24EdF: Coman mnag training
11/24PSG: the Park, the response of the City of Paris
11/24EdF: Thuram did not know he was the 26th
11/24CdM: Portugal-Ghana, line-ups
11/24CdM: the classification of group H (Uruguay)
11/24WC: Uruguay 0-0 South Korea (finished)
11/24Ghana: better than Neymar? Kudus denies
11/24EdF: Camavinga left, Guendouzi confirms
11/24England: Kane has reassured his world
11/24TV audiences: good scores continue
11/24EdF: Giroud-Henry, Rothen refuses the comparison
11/24Real: a comeback from Ronaldo dj cart
11/24PHOTO: the armband, Infantino is controversial…
11/24Germany: Flick misses Spain’s card
11/24Cameroon: Song’s disappointment
11/24CdM: Switzerland 1-0 Cameroon (finished)
11/24CdM: Uruguay-South Korea, line-ups
11/24PHOTO: Embolo’s class on their goal
11/24Germany: the ego, the criticism of Mourinho
11/24Saudi Arabia: Fox talks about half-time
11/24Miscellaneous: Saudi Arabia? Ronaldo will wait
11/24Man Utd: Beckham ready to integrate a takeover?
11/24MF poll: Argentina will pull through
11/24OM: Gerson, still stuck with Flamengo
11/24EdF: Pavard, already have doubts with Kound?
11/24Belgium: Alderweireld-De Bruyne, it was tense
11/24CdM: Switzerland-Cameroon, line-ups
11/24Angers: Baticle, it’s over (official)
11/24PSG: Alves tackles Mbapp!
11/24Juve: Rabiot unclear about his future
11/24CdM: the rating tonight try to win big
11/24Belgium: Martinez retains victory
11/24EdF: Camavinga as T. Hernandez’s understudy?
11/23PHOTO: Japan’s impeccable dressing room
11/23Belgium: De Bruyne cash on his match
11/23Man Utd: Rooney reacts to Ronaldo’s departure
11/23LdC (f): PSG revives
11/23Spain: Luis Enrique already warns Germany
11/23Belgium: this time, Courtois does not have the seum
11/23Twitter: the referee of Belgium-Canada size!
11/23Bayern: Mbapp and PSG, Upamecano in no hurry
11/23EdF: Dembl wants to “grow” during this World Cup
11/23Belgium: a gal record in CdM hens!
11/23Belgium: Batshuayi retains the 3 points
11/23Denmark: Delaney out against France!
11/23CdM: the classification of group F (Belgium)
11/23WC: Belgium 1-0 Canada (out)
11/23Brazil: the “best version” of T. Silva
11/23VIDEO: Japan, Dembl’s funny reaction
11/23Belgium: penalty save, first in CdM?
11/23Spain: Luis Enrique relishes, but…
11/23Spain: 7-0, a historic carnage
11/23EdF: Upamecano did not feel any pressure
11/23EdF: 4-0 success for substitutes against U19s
11/23Chelsea: Ronaldo, the trend is confirmed
11/23CdM: Gavi, the youngest scorer since… Pel
11/23CdM: the classification of group E (Spain)
11/23WC: Spain 7-0 Costa Rica (out)
11/23CdM: Belgium-Canada, line-ups
11/23EdF: Dembl praises Giroud
11/23Brazil: T. Silva’s message to supporters
11/23Saudi Arabia: Fox Calms Everyone
11/23CdM 2022: the astonishing stat ‘on the 0-0
11/23Germany: Gndogan’s rant
11/23Twitter: Blue Lock, what if Japan could do it?
11/23Japan: a record for veteran Nagatomo
11/23England: Pickford reassures for Kane!
11/23Spain: Luis Enrique on Twitch, Rodri valid
11/23WC: Germany 1-2 Japan (finished)
11/23CdM: Spain-Costa Rica, line-ups
11/23VIDEO: Japan’s Asano crucifies Neuer, 2-1!
11/23Costa Rica: Navas, a life changed by the CdM
11/23VIDEO: Giroud and again Giroud, Zlatan treats
11/23PHOTO: Germany’s response to FIFA
11/23Spain: the best collective according to Rodri

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