We already played ‘FIFA 22’ and this is our final verdict!

This time of year has come when video game fans scream like Johan Hill’s meme, because the FIFA 22 is available for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. Here at Sopitas.com we were able to test the video game and we bring you our verdict.

And we are going step by step, why tell you so easily and so quickly everything new that FIFA 22 has and everything that raffle of the video game, it would take away the emotion from everything that he left us when playing it and throwing the challenge between friends.

First of all, it is a luxury to have the Liga MX teams available to take on the challengesIt’s one of the best FIFA 22 experiences. Then, once the game starts, the graphics are incredible, the details in every aspect of the stadiums and footballers make you think they are inside the video game.

What you notice when kicking off the game is that the players and the whole environment feel much more real than in other editions. Players seem to think on their own and have jaw-dropping animations of how real they look.

EA Sports says it is the gameplay technology called “Hypermotion”, but that can only be enjoyed for the next generation consoles like PS5, Xbox Series X / S and Stadia, so if you have any of these consoles, you are going to have a great time with your friends.

They may wonder, how can it be improved? animations for FIFA 22 and the answer that this video game has is simple. The continuity of the game is not cut to move on to the next action, but rather, the reactions of the players and everything that happens after the play is maintained.

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The controls for FIFA 22

To be able to play FIFA 22, you do not have to learn a new control system because they did not change much and that is appreciated, plus there is always the advantage of customization. The improvements they made was an explosive sprint, which works with the R2 or RT button and serves for defenders and attackers to move away or reach other players.

In addition, the ball has better physics, in terms for mere mortals, it is basically the perfecting of everything that has to do with passing and battles for the ball. Besides, also the passes, the shots and something that we had shouted for, a better position of the players on the field were improved.

Career mode totally cool in offline mode

Some gamers who grew up playing FIFA 22 when online was not a possibility, so we are very fond of it to career mode version. Nothing like choosing a team and starting an adventure as if you were the DT.

This FIFA 22 has a novelty that will surprise you, because if you liked the “Club de Cuervos” series, here you can be Chava Iglesias himself and create your own club, from the shield to the stadium. You can even take your own team to the league of your choice.

Another option you can do in FIFA 22 And that is also a good option if you don’t like the online mode, it is to put on a player’s shoes and jump onto the pitch until you win a place in the first team. It is not only about playing the games, but about training, like any player and here you can do it, always to improve and chance, to be the star of your team.

FIFA 22 and the Volta mode

If they are over 25 years old, they will understand me, because FIFA Street marked our childhood because it was the closest thing to what we did in the colony and the Volta way It is a kind of reissue of that video game and it is not a new mode, as they only improved it.

You can improve your skills to get better and better and also add characteristic skills to your player that you can use within the game. But not only that, because the FIFA 22 the fence was blown off in every way.

Volta Arcade has game modes that will be a breath of fresh air: Soccer tennis, fast attack, “burned”, lava disc and many more, are some of those that you can enjoy to add new experiences to the game and more will be added.

The Ultimate Team mode cannot be missing in FIFA 22

One game mode that has hooked FIFA fans with the video game is Ultimate Team And with good reason, because in addition to playing online against other rivals, the fact of assembling your team with players who are leaving you or buying in the packages, is hilarious.

For this one FIFA 22, they added some modes that improve the experience completely and we will explain them. First, Division Rivals, this mode that already existed was modified and the improvements you will notice are: Less requirements for weekly matches, different ways to have a reward and something that we really liked, because control points were added to prevent you from losing the game. progress, applause for that.

The second is Fut Champions: Only for the most immersed in it modo Ultimate TeamWell, now it has a somewhat different system of competition. Playoffs and finals, but before all this, you will have to first earn some Champions Qualification points in Division Rivals, once you have won them, you can already enter the Champions during the six weeks of the FUT season.

But calm down, there is still more, that’s why I tell you that FIFA 22 the fence was blown off. We continue with Ultimate Team and among the rewards you can earn are some customizations for VIP spaces in your stadium, some other options to customize fans and seasonal themes so you can show them off.

Jorge Campos will be part of FIFA 22 as part of the “Heroes Fut”

FIFA 22 and its animations was the highlight

When you get together with your friends to challenge and decide to live the video game experience, you realize that not only can you play the classic game, but go directly to play a Champions League final and see the arrival animations of players with their suits and everything.

Later, the departure of the players to the field, because it looks spectacular and the team’s tifos are brilliant. Depending on the team you choose, you will see a giant mosaic of one of your players and, last but not least, the festivities.

Scoring a goal in the 90th minute to tie or win a match is a simply inexplicable sensation and FIFA 22 portrayed all of this to perfection. The animation of the whole team celebrating euphoric, makes you feel like you are one of them.

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