"We are a gullible public" : Léa (Star Academy) bluffs her teachers with her improvisation

In a few days, we will know the name of the candidate who will win the star Academy. There are only four left to be able to claim victory among the 13 candidates who entered the castle on October 15: Anisha, Enola, Léa and Louis. Saturday evening, the students of the final square will have the privilege of singing in duet with Nolwenn LeroySoprano, Christophe Maé, Lara Fabian Where Michel Polnareff. They will also meet their promotion’s sponsor Robbie Williams for the first time. But before this deadline, the academicians had to pass a final evaluation.

“It’s in fashion, it’s make or break”

Sunday, Michael Goldman had announced the program of this last event, placed under the sign of surprises. Each of the candidates had to interpret a title written for him by an artist, who followed him during his adventure. Camélia Jordana, Hoshi, Vitaa or Slimane have thus composed for the students. The academicians were also to perform in a new improvisation on the theme “Surprise us, teach us something we don’t know about you”. Anisha offered a few intentionally lame jokes, while Louis embarked on a make-up class, which left his teachers unmoved. But Léa, she had thought of something a little crazier. “The idea to surprise him is that I’m going to invent a hidden talent. Like what, I know how to sew very, very well and I make very big dresses. In the worst case, if they burn, if one of them burns, I would say: ‘oh well, I lied’. It’s shocking how well I know how to lie”, he detailed in the daily newspaper of this Wednesday, November 23. Before concluding, lucid: “It’s in fashion, it’s make or break”.

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Michael Goldman sets the record straight

In the dance hall, she showed her teachers the dress she had sewn to “the age of fifteen”explaining that she regularly took it over to keep it fashionable. “She’s a mythomaniac”, exclaimed his comrades, hilarious when discovering his performance. “On the improv, I think everything she said was wrong”, explained Michael Goldman to the teachers flabbergasted by his explanations. “It’s a total lie”, added Yanis Marshall. However, Léa had managed to fool Laure Balon, Adeline Toniutti and Pierre de Brauer, the theater teacher, with her very quirky sketch. We are a gullible public”, concluded the one who teaches singing, annoyed.

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