We are Chile! The history of red shirts in Colo Colo

The color red is a special one for all soccer fans, since it is the color with which the Chilean team has made us vibrate throughout almost all of its history, classifying the world championships and leaving the name of the country at the top, as seen in the 2015 and 2016 Copa América.

This coloration has been used by Colo Colo for various passages in your history when you have had to change the target seeing themselves as a visiting team, even being the definitive tone of the alternative jersey before the black took this outfit.

At DaleAlbo we take advantage of this September 18 to remember the motto of “Colo Colo is Chile”, bringing from the memory the years in which the Cacique has used the color red as the main tone in his alternative knitwear.

The first registration of a red jersey on the Colo Colo uniform dates from 1951, season in which the Chief finished third seeing how Audax Italiano was crowned champion.

We had to wait almost 20 years for the Cacique to use this color again in his clothing, being the year 1969 the chosen one. The photograph of Carlos Caszely wearing this uniform came to light after the last presentation of the Chilean team’s jersey, since the similarities are notorious.

Popular’s red shirt in 1969. Photo: Archive.

The similarities are clear. Photo: Archive.

In the 70s and 80s, Colo Colo would wear red a lot in his away jersey, being from 1977 to 1986 the official alternative clothing of the Cacique.

The team with the red clothes in 1982. Photo: Archive.

The red jersey from ’83 had white details. Photo: Archive.

Only in the new century, the albos would return to using the color red in their clothing after long years with black as the dominant tone in the second shirt. 2008 would be the year, being thrown a t-shirt that it was barely used in a couple of local friendlies.

In 2008 this shirt was used only for a couple of friendlies, highlighting one with the archrival. Photo: Archive.

In 2016 a T-shirt model would return, but just like in 2008, being used only in friendly duels, in addition to generating a lot of rejection on the part of the fanatical alba for the monochrome design of the Colo Colo shield.

As in 2008, the 2016 jersey was only used in friendlies. Photo: UNO Agency.

A year later the red jersey was worn in official duels, and a design was launched for the 2017 Chile Cup. Agustín Orión, Argentine goalkeeper for Cacique in those years, He also adopted it as one of his shirts under the three suits.

The 2017 red jersey was worn in that year’s Copa Chile. Photo: UNO Agency

Agustín Orión wore that third shirt in several games during Transition 2017. Photo: Agencia UNO.

In 2020 a design with the color red returned, being also used in a First Division duel after long decades of waiting. It was on date 2 of the 2020 National Championship, a meeting where the Cacique visited Cobresal and ended up losing 2-1 at the El Cobre Stadium.

This 2020 was the first year after decades in which red was used in a duel for the First Division. Photo: UNO Agency

We will have to wait if Adidas, new sponsor of Colo Colo from this year, ventures by launching a red shirt inside the clothing. Will it be the opportunity to return to red as a visiting color instead of black?

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