“We are in a position that we always thought about and wanted to be in”

Colo Colo was once again intractable at the Monumental Stadium and was left with three important points against Deportes Antofagasta, triumphing 2-0 on this date 17 of the 2021 National Championship to climb to the top of the standings.

Gustavo Quinteros agreed with what his players showed, stating after the victory in conversation with TNT Sports that “The first half we were imprecise, there was a lot of space behind the steering wheels, we didn’t finish well with Costa, Solari, we could do something better or something else. In the second it was opened with pressure and the result was opened ”.

“We are satisfied, happy, we form a competitive team, with boys from the quarry, from the club, some are settling down, others must mature. We are in a position that we always think about and we wanted to be while La Calera does not play ”, added.

In this sense, the white strategist argued that “Football is not that easy. It’s easy to team up to destroy what to build. The team plays well, they understand what we do in training, those who enter each game and those who replace those who are not do it very well. The team is fast, it is strong. I do not know if I would have signed this at the beginning of the season, we are playing well, a little higher than the expectations we had, I am proud to lead these players and the boys of the club.

Finally and thinking about the new players that could arrive in the transfer market, the Santa Fe was clear in saying that “They are not reinforcements, Paredes and Blandi left and we must bring in an area striker. I trust the leaders. And Martín Rodríguez left, who was a couple of months and was reinforcement. The players should be here by now ”.

Now Colo Colo must prepare for the duel against Unión La Calera this coming Wednesday, August 25 at Nicolás Chahuán, where you will have a golden chance to definitely take the lead in the tournament if you win.

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