We are Peru advisers would be ghost employees, exercising in their party and receiving the salary of Congress

From Somos Perú they indicated that the worker would have requested a license; however, this was not registered. |Photo: Capture Fourth Power

The bench of We are Peru would be having ‘ghost workers’, who would be performing functions outside Parliament. One of these is Alejandro Mario Fernandez Garibaycurrent advisor to the caucus and general secretary of the party. Fernández earns more than ten thousand soles a month for his work in Congress; however, he has been exercising for the political organization, leaving aside his parliamentary functions

Despite the fact that there were crucial days in parliament, according to the Sunday program Cuarto Poder, the official would not have appeared any day in June.

The Sunday newspaper issued a report where they mention that Fernández would not be the only one absent in parliament. Added to this are Adais Luna, assistant to the parliamentary office, and Luis Tordoya, parliamentary technician in the Somos Perú caucus. These would be active visitors to the local party, leaving their functions in the Congress of the Republic.

The media carried out a follow-up work on the three officials of parliament and managed to show that these were heading from early hours to the headquarters of Somos Perú in Santa Catalina, located in Victoria. They would also leave the party premises during the night without having appeared at the Congress headquarters. The employees they would be receiving a salary for a full day of work in Parliament, but they would be clearly dedicated to the party in which they are affiliated.

A Sunday newspaper revealed about ghost employees in the Somos Perú caucus, who work in the party, but not in Congress. |Video: Fourth Power.

After being confronted by the media regarding their salaries, despite not fulfilling their duties at the headquarters in Congress, Fernández Garibay indicated: “I can’t do an outside job? I can’t make party life?”. This, since they also questioned that he would be focused only on performing functions of his party.

Fourth power watched the three officials, Fernández, Luna and Tordoya for three weeks in a row, marked with the dates June 2, 9, 14 and 15, where they are seen arriving at the headquarters of Somos Perú in Santa Clara.

Although the Congress had sessions of great relevance, the absence of officials was not a novelty. The night in which the head of the Interior portfolio, Ditri Senmache, attended Parliament to explain the escape of Juan Silva, former Minister of Transport, and the death of miners in Caravelí, the officials of Somos Perú were still in Santa Catalina, ¿ What were they doing?, seeing the last details to present the inscriptions of their candidates to the next regional and municipal elections.

Wilmar Eleraspokesman for the party, was consulted regarding these events, and indicated that these absences could be deducted from their next salaries so that “don’t have any problem”. The spokesman also assured that Fernandez would have requested permission to perform functions in your party; however, his license was not formally registered, Therefore, the adviser would have continued charging the days that he did not perform parliamentary functions towards his caucus.

“We will make the corrections of the case, I think we are on time and next month what has been paid in full will be deducted, in that sense, On Monday I will be sending a letter to the mayor’s office telling him to proceed to the three-week discount, which is what he has asked me to attend to these inscriptions at the party premises,” said the spokesman.

The Sunday also consulted with Joseph Chevascoa former senior congressional official, commented that this fact was admitted as “abandonment of work”, since the official would have been absent for more than three consecutive days from his functions without having informed human resources. For this reason, the three employees of Somos Perú could be fired.

“Now that the parliamentarian (Wilmar Elera) has said that he is just going to communicate so that he can be discounted, there he is acknowledging that there has been an abandonment of work and this man, in my opinion, could be subject to interpretation of work abandonment and dismissal by Parliament“, assured Fourth Power.

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