“We did not know that Paraguayan prosecutor was in Barú”: General Jorge Vargas

In an interview in 6AM Today by Today General Jorge Luis Vargas, director general of the National Police, spoke about the assassination of Paraguayan drug prosecutor Marcelo Pecci in Colombia.

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The CEO of the Policeman National indicated on the murder of the Paraguayan anti-drug prosecutor Marcelo Pucci: “Mr. President, as soon as I informed you of the facts, he ordered me to coordinate with the prosecution General of the Nation and that he will travel to the city of Medellin to organize activities of the Cóndor military and police campaign against the Clan del Golfo, to precisely verify the circumstances of the manner, time and place of what happened yesterday morning.

“We received a call in the Policeman in terms of some shots being heard, there was no clarity Where did they originally come from? When they arrive they observe the person, we find out that she was ethe prosecutor Marcelo Pucci. We initiate all immediate verification tasks. The urgent acts, that is, the first acts of collection at the crime scene are in charge of the technical investigation body,” he said. General Jorge Luis Vargas.

On the other hand, he mentioned: “Yesterday I spoke on several occasions with the attorney general of the nation and with the deputy prosecutor, who is in Cartagena, also leading the team of prosecutors with the Judicial Police, we began all the verification work against the event. “

Listen to the full interview on audio.

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