“We drink and the police turn a blind eye”… Morocco hopes for an end to hypocrisy on alcohol

In Morocco, for years, alcohol has been reserved for “foreigners”, although the reality is different, the Minister of Justice Abdellatif Ouahbi wants to reform the penal code.

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VFriday evening, 11 p.m., the festivities begin in the Hassan district in Rabat. Known for its bars and nightclubs, Avenue Patrice Lumumba, frequented by the Moroccan middle class, is gradually filling up. At the Jefferson, a mythical nightclub on the avenue, the evening is just beginning and Yassine, a thirty-something, a regular at the place, toasts with several of his friends. “Decriminalization? Of course I am for it! We’re fed up with this hypocrisy, everyone knows that a lot of Moroccans drink,” he confides, adding a bit pessimistic: “But I don’t think it’s for now. That’s how we work, we drink and the police turn a blind eye, that’s how it works. »

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