We eat 20 million sausages

On May 17, it goes mostly in grilled sausage west and north of the country, while the easterners go for Viennese.

In total, an average Norwegian eats over 100 sausages a year, which means that we end up eating about 500 million sausages in one year.

Although special sausages and home-made sausages are gaining more and more followers, Gilde’s grilled sausages are the most popular. This is the best-selling sausage in Norway.

– There are no other sausages that are close to this sausage in volume. It is largest both in Western Norway, in Central Norway and in Northern Norway. Wiener sausage is also popular, but it is best in Eastern Norway that people swear by this sausage, says insight manager Knut Jacobsen in Nortura.

 Photo: Illustration photo / Colourbox

Photo: Illustration photo / Colourbox

Sausages at weddings

One who is well acquainted with the growing sausage trend is Bodil Nordjore. She has written a book about sausages and still holds courses for those who want to make their own.

– It is not difficult to understand why sausages have become so popular. Sausages are easy, and you know exactly what you are getting when you buy a sausage. Sometimes it is sausage from the gas station that tempts me, but it also fits with sausages for the big parties in life. My daughter is getting married soon, then there are veal sausages on the menu, says Nordjorde, who is the only one in Norway who can call himself a “state bidder”.

She has been appointed a state research fellow and has previously worked as a college lecturer. Now she’s pursuing a doctorate.

She has noticed that it is now common to eat sausages in all walks of life.

– I think many people understand that sausages can be made from clean, good ingredients, and that this is a good way to utilize the whole animal.

Norwegian champion in sausages

Nordjorde travels around the country and conveys food culture, and especially the sausage courses are popular.

– In these courses, most are men, and traditionally, the sausage subject has been very male-dominated. Many of the men who come are also hunters and think it’s great to be able to have control of the entire food chain, she says.

On the wall at the reputable butcher shop Strøm-Larsen in Oslo hang several diplomas that show that they have become Norwegian champions in sausages several times. At the counter, customers can choose from a dozen different sausages with everything from herbs to chili and pale ale. Here, customers happily pay 200 kroner for a kilo of homemade sausages.

– We produce a ton of sausages a week, and now until 17 May, demand increases by at least 20 percent, says sausage maker Erik Hvenegaard.

Sausages are local food

The director of the Norwegian Food Foundation, Nina Sundqvist, says that there is a big trend that more people want sausages made from local ingredients, especially in Oslo. She believes the trend will spread across the country in the future.

– We do not have special figures for this, but when we talk to the producers out there, there is no doubt that there is a big focus on special sausages with local ingredients such as cheese, spices and even beer.

– I myself say hurray for the sausage and am not ashamed to eat sausages both for everyday and for parties.

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