We found bigger than the PS5: this Xbox Series X is the size of a fridge

An enthusiast had fun assembling the biggest Xbox ever made. And this Xbox Series X which is the size of a fridge is 100% functional.

It all started with a joke that Microsoft ended up taking seriously. When the company unveiled the design of the Xbox Series X — the most powerful console in history — many compared it to a fridge. The multinational was not offended and preferred to take over the troll. She created a real Xbox American fridge and then launched a mini version, really marketed. YouTuber Michael Pick wanted to go further: assemble an Xbox Series X the size of a fridge, but fully functional.

The interested party revealed his project in a video published on June 20. Where we can discover an Xbox Series X reproduced identically, but with immense measurements: it measures 2.08 meters high and 1.04 meters wide, while it weighs 113.4 kilograms. These figures logically earned it the record for the largest Xbox ever assembled – in the eyes of Guinness World Records.

A giant Xbox, with a normal Xbox in it

This Xbox Series X required several weeks of work. It consists of a structure mixing large wooden panels and parts made using a 3D printer. Michael Pick did not want to skimp on the details, which are much less coarse than on the fridge designed by Microsoft. For example, he had fun recreating the hollowed-out upper part, by gluing together several identical elements (a step that lasted two weeks). He admits to having taken pains for nothing, since few people will see the top of his Xbox.

Fridge-sized Xbox Series X // Source: YouTube Michael Pick

Michael Pick, who also gave birth to a nintendo-switch and to one nerf gun giants, has also created fake ports on the back, as well as a luminous power button. The illusion is perfect: this Xbox Series X has all the characteristics of an Xbox Series X, except that it will be very difficult to place in your living room (even the PS5 is ridiculous next to it).

Fridge-sized Xbox Series X
The real Xbox Series X is hidden in the big // Source: YouTubeMichael Pick

To work, the creation relies on a drawer containing… a real Xbox Series X (a trick that is reminiscent of Russian dolls). Last detail: the buttons on the front of the big Xbox communicate with those of the real one (thanks to remote-controlled servomotors). The magic only breaks when you have to insert / eject a disc – a manipulation that requires access to the small Xbox Series X.

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